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Teflon Coating Company Near Me

Teflon Coating Company Near MeYou may be familiar with Teflon® coating but are you aware of the many different types of Teflon® coatings or applications? Your local, Minnesota Teflon® coating company has experts who can identify which type of coating is the best solution for your industry, the correct application process and provide fast turn around at a fair price.

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Machine Shop Teflon Coatings

Machine Shop Teflon CoatingsWhether you are in the industry or own your own machine shop, having a relationship with a quality Teflon® coating company is essential. At Coating Solutions, Inc., we are a family owned business that is committed to providing quality Teflon® coatings for machine shops all across the country. If you are looking for machine shop Teflon® coatings, look no further than your coating experts here at Coating Solutions, Inc.

We could go on and on about how fantastic our Teflon® coating solutions

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Different Teflon® Coating Types

Different Teflon® Coating Types At Coating Solutions, Inc., we aim to be your number one resource when it comes to Teflon® coating types. There are a lot of different Teflon® coating types, and we surely do not expect you to memorize them. So, depending on your need, coating experts have options for you to consider.

The Teflon® PTFE option is the most temperature resistant option available

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Finding A Solution With The Right Fluoropolymer

Finding A Solution With The Right FluoropolymerWhen people are looking for a fluoropolymer to solve a problem, they often think of the Teflon™ brand first, but what should you consider when choosing the coating? There are many different coating types, and each one has its own unique properties that help determine which coating is best for your product. The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting the ideal coating for your product is the cure temperature. The product needs to be able to withstand baking at the cure temperature to qualify

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Food Processing Made Easy with Teflon

Food Processing Made Easy with TeflonIf you are in the food processing industry, you likely already know about the many unique benefits of coating your machines and equipment with Teflon®. The nonstick property alone keeps you from having to stop production frequently to clean sticky sugar, wet flour or other food from your machines. Chemours® Teflon® coatings and Whitford coatings truly make your work in the food processing industry much easier. There is no real debate about that. These coatings do not affect the taste, texture or quality of the food

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Durable Protection for Challenging Environments

Durable Protection for Challenging EnvironmentsWhen it comes to protecting surfaces in challenging environments, Kynar coatings stand out for their exceptional durability. At Coating Solutions in Hugo, MN, we specialize in applying Kynar coatings to a variety of substrates, providing a robust and long-lasting solution. Whether your project involves architectural elements, industrial equipment, or any

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