Protecting Your Business’ Parts and Equipment

Protecting Your Business’ Parts and EquipmentIf you own or manage a business, you understand just how big of an investment it is. Time, money and energy are just a few of the important parts of this investment. When it comes to expenses, you are always looking for smart ways to save money and extend the life of your equipment so that you can keep costs down without compromising quality or service. Taking care of the parts and equipment that you use on a daily basis is one way to reduce the frequency of buying replacements.

Coating Application Company With Low Minimum Lot Charge

Coating Application Company With Low Minimum Lot ChargeAs a family-owned business, we understand the needs and demands of industrial companies both big and small. The supply and demand of it all can fluctuate greatly depending on a variety of factors and it can be difficult to tell what you need until you need it. Even in that moment, it may be a need you all of a sudden need right away. At Coating Solutions, we have a vested interest in your success. Since 1995, our family-owned business has been working

Industrial Teflon® Coating Process

Industrial Teflon® Coating ProcessIf you are a company looking for quality industrial coatings, make no mistake, you have found the right place. With over 25 years of experience in the coating industry, our team at Coating Solutions is proud to be a go-to resource for any and all Teflon® and fluoropolymer needs. Serving industries all around the country, we provide fast, honest, and reliable Teflon® coatings for our customers. Our process is flawless and is hard to beat.

The Coating Application Process

The Coating Application ProcessCoating Solutions specializes in applying Dupont Teflon® coating to a wide variety of parts and equipment. The coating application process is extremely important to ensuring that the coat will be able to function correctly and protect the item. Our process is consistent and thorough so that our customers get exactly what they are paying for. Here is an overview of our six-step process that our crew follows each and everytime:

Affordable Fluoropolymer Coating Application Company

Affordable Fluoropolymer Coating Application CompanyThis has been a difficult year for many small businesses as we try to think of ways to offer our services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Deciding how to spend precious capital is a big decision these days. Coating Solutions understands that budgets for small businesses are tight. We offer high quality and affordable fluoropolymer coating applications for all types of parts and equipment. Adding fluoropolymer coating to your equipment is a way to protect it, extend the life of each piece, making it a sound and smart investment. We are your go to fluoroplymer applications company.

American Teflon® Coating Company

American Teflon® Coating CompanyIn the year of 2020, it has become quite apparent that we, as a country, need to do a better job in stimulating our own economy where we can. At Coating Solutions, we are proud to be an American Teflon® coating company that aims to personalize every service and build connections with many other industries within the United States. Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, our company provides quality and long-lasting Teflon® coatings for all types of companies and industries here in America