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Kynar Coating Offers Versatility In Many Applications

Kynar Coating Offers Versatility In Many ApplicationsKynar coating applications have long been seen as a solution for protecting and prolonging the longevity of various surfaces, thanks to their outstanding durability, chemical resistance, and versatility. Coating Solutions in Hugo, MN applies it regularly. In this blog post, we will explore its many uses and benefits and demonstrate why Kynar is often chosen over other materials for various applications.

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Specialty Systems Coating Application In Minnesota

Specialty Systems Coating Application In MinnesotaCoating Solutions specializes in applying a wide variety of Chemours®® Teflon™ coating parts and equipment used in all types of industries. Our coating specialists work with many different companies in the food processing industry all over the country. Teflon coating can be used on equipment such as waffle irons, bread pans, mixers, beaters, hoppers, and dough rollers to keep sticky and wet substances like flour and sugar from sticking, making it very difficult to clean. Teflon™ coating also extends the life of these items, allowing them to stay in production for longer, saving your company money.

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One-stop Headquarters For Industrial Coatings

One-stop Headquarters For Industrial CoatingsWhen you decide that it is time to apply an industrial coating to parts and equipment in your business, you likely have many choices when it comes to choosing who to work with. The truth is, most of the companies that market this service, likely do the job fairly well. Chemours® Teflon® and fluoropolymer industrial coating is an excellent product that increases functionality and extends the life of a piece of equipment.

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Industrial Teflon® Coating Process

Industrial Teflon® Coating ProcessIf you are a company looking for quality industrial coatings, make no mistake, you have found the right place. With over 25 years of experience in the coating industry, our team at Coating Solutions is proud to be a go-to resource for any and all Teflon® and fluoropolymer needs. Serving industries all around the country, we provide fast, honest, and reliable Teflon® coatings for our customers. Our process is flawless and is hard to beat.

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Industrial Strength Teflon® Coating

Industrial Strength Teflon® CoatingBusinesses from all backgrounds are constantly trying to find the best and most efficient lubricating coating options available. At Coating Solutions, we are proud to offer our clients industrial strength Teflon® coating to help boost efficiency across their line of work.

When choosing the company that will provide you industrial strength Teflon® coating applications, it is important to do some research beforehand

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American Teflon® Coating Company

American Teflon® Coating CompanyIn the year of 2020, it has become quite apparent that we, as a country, need to do a better job in stimulating our own economy where we can. At Coating Solutions, we are proud to be an American Teflon® coating company that aims to personalize every service and build connections with many other industries within the United States. Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, our company provides quality and long-lasting Teflon® coatings for all types of companies and industries here in America

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