Chemours® Teflon Coating Process

The coating process for covering items with Teflon® or another fluoropolymer coating is very specific. Everything must be done exactly in order for the coat to function properly. Coating Solutions thoroughly inspects each item during the coating process to ensure that every step is done accordingly. This guarantees our customers satisfaction.

Below is a step by step of the coating process, regardless of the specific coat being applied.

  1. Prebake Substrate – The first step in the coating process is prebaking the substrate. This removes the oils so that the coating may stick properly and there are no discrepancies in the coat. Unless the substrate is thoroughly clean, most coatings will not adhere. Prebaking allows for the next step to be thoroughly effective.
  2. Grit Blasting – The next step is grit blasting the substrate with aluminum oxide. This helps prepare the substrate for coating by removing scales, corrosion, rust, and previous coatings. And it roughens up and enlarges the surface so that the coating will have more room to adhere properly. Aluminum oxide is the standard for grit blasting as it is harder than many common media and will cut through most hard previous coatings roughen up the hardest metals.
  3. Spray on Fluoropolymer – After the substrate has been grit blasted, it is then sprayed with the desired fluoropolymer. The conventional, manual spray method is used to ensure a perfect coat every time.
  4. Cure Substrate – After the desired fluoropolymer has been applied, the next step is to cure the substrate. Each fluoropolymer coating has its own specifications regarding curing. In fact, the curing step is a primary consideration as to which type of coat is applied to any given substrate. The substrate must be able to withstand the curing temperature for the specific coat. Curing temperatures can be as high as 800°F.
  5. Quality Control – Following the curing of the substrate, it is then inspected for defects. We guarantee high quality for all of our customers, so the inspection process is a crucial aspect to the entire coating process. This ensures that our customers are happy every time.
  6. Package & Ship – When the coating process is complete, we package it up and ship it back to the customer so that they can get back to production.

Professional Teflon® and Fluoropolymer Coaters

Coating Solutions has been coating parts with Teflon® and other fluoropolymer coatings since 1995. Our extensive experience enables us to professionally coat any item at a superior quality and deliver it back to you quickly due to our fast turnaround. We also have the lowest minimum lot charge in the industry. If you need something coated with Teflon® or another fluoropolymer, contact us today.

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