Teflon Coating Applications

Benefits Of Coating Applications With PTFE

Benefits Of Coating Applications With PTFETeflon™ is a PTFE coating that has excellent non-stick/release characteristics. This means commercial bakeware can be easily cleaned and have excellent nonstick/release properties. We have designed a variety of PTFE systems that are suitable for most applications. The coating’s function and operating conditions will determine the best coating.

Nonstick and Release: The PTFE coating will provide excellent non-stick/release characteristics and is easy to clean. This coating also prevents both hot and cool products

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Teflon Coating Solutions In The Screen Printing Industry

Teflon Coating Solutions In The Screen Printing IndustryScreen printing (or the placing of ink on clothing materials) is extremely common and is even opening to individuals that wish to provide small businesses with custom-made clothing articles. Many people would not associate the use of Teflon™ with cloth materials and the screen printing industry, but the use of Teflon™ is quite common! Read on to see how and think about other ways in which the coating experts at Coating Solutions can help your business be more efficient.

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American Teflon Coating Application Company

American Teflon® Coating Application CompanyYou have many different choices when it comes to hiring a Chemours® Teflon® and fluoropolymer industrial coating company. What are the factors that go into deciding what company you want to hire? Does price drive your decision? Do you consider recommendations for quality and professionalism of the staff you hire? Maybe you are swayed by knowing that you are working with a local business with ties to the community? Another factor may be how fast the turnaround time is? Coating Solutions is a Chemours®

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Rapid Turnaround Industrial Coaters In Minnesota

Rapid Turnaround Industrial Coaters In MinnesotaWhen it comes to the application of industrial fluoropolymer coating, there are several options available to you. These are likely companies that would apply high quality sealants and follow certain industry guidelines to ensure that you get a good product in the end. The final choice in what coating company you choose however rests in the culmination of several deciding factors.

It is no secret that post-pandemic, industrial plants

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Specialty Systems Coating Application In Minnesota

Specialty Systems Coating Application In MinnesotaCoating Solutions specializes in applying a wide variety of Chemours®® Teflon™ coating parts and equipment used in all types of industries. Our coating specialists work with many different companies in the food processing industry all over the country. Teflon coating can be used on equipment such as waffle irons, bread pans, mixers, beaters, hoppers, and dough rollers to keep sticky and wet substances like flour and sugar from sticking, making it very difficult to clean. Teflon™ coating also extends the life of these items, allowing them to stay in production for longer, saving your company money.

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