Industrial Strength Teflon® Coating

Industrial Strength Teflon® CoatingBusinesses from all backgrounds are constantly trying to find the best and most efficient lubricating coating options available. At Coating Solutions, we are proud to offer our clients industrial strength Teflon® coating to help boost efficiency across their line of work. When choosing the company that will provide you industrial strength Teflon® coating applications, it is important to do some research beforehand

Family Owned Coating Application Company

Family Owned Coating Application Company

Family Owned Coating Application CompanyIt is more important than ever before to support local, family owned companies around the world. That includes the coating application industry as well. If you are in search of a trusted, affordable and reliable coating application company that is family owned, look no further than our team at Coating Solutions, Inc. Dating back to 1995, we’ve been providing our community with Teflon® coating applications for all sorts of industries. Since we are a family owned coating application company, it should come as no surprise that family is extremely important to us.

Lowest Lot Charge in the Coating Industry

Lowest Minimum Lot Charge in the Coating IndustryThe year 2020 has all of us thrown into a loop. With new global threats and fears of illness, it has many businesses struggling to survive. At Coating Solutions, Inc., we have always kept the needs of our customers in mind. We have been a company that prides itself on giving back to our community and building customer relationships that last for years on end. At Coating Solutions, Inc., we are not shy in saying that we proudly offer the lowest minimum lot charge in the industry. We stand on principles that have held firm since 1995 and we do not see them going anywhere anytime soon.

Teflon® PFA Coating | MN Coating Specialists

Teflon® PFA Coating | MN Coating SpecialistsCoating Solutions in MN specializes in high quality application of many different types of Teflon® coating, including Teflon® PFA Coating, or perfluoroalkoxy. There are many benefits of using Teflon® PFA Coating. Perhaps the most important benefit and the reason it is most often chosen is because of its resistance to chemicals and abrasion resistance property. When you coat a part or piece of equipment with Teflon® PFA Coating, it will be able to withstand temperatures as high as 500°F (cures at 750°F) and can also be as thick as 40 mils.

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Specialty Systems Coatings | MN Coating Specialists

Specialty Systems Coatings | MN Coating SpecialistsCoating Solutions is a local Minnesota company that specializes in applying a wide variety of DuPont Teflon coating parts and equipment used in all types of industries. Our MN coating specialists work with many different companies in the food processing industry all over the country. Teflon coating can be used on equipment such as waffle irons, bread pans, mixers, beaters, hoppers, and dough rollers to keep sticky and wet substances like flour and sugar from sticking, making it very difficult to clean.

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Teflon® FEP Coating | MN Coating Specialists

Teflon® FEP Coating MN Coating SpecialistsAt Coating Solutions, Inc., we are proud to call ourselves MN coating specialists that work with all different industry types. We treat every customer we come in contact with like family, finding the right coating that matches their wants and needs exactly. Frequently used in many industries, Teflon® FEP Coating adds a tremendous amount of quality to products.

Teflon Coating Company Near Me

Teflon Coating Company Near MeYou may be familiar with Teflon® coating but are you aware of the many different types of Teflon® coatings or applications? Your local, Minnesota Teflon® coating company has experts who can identify which type of coating is the best solution for your industry, the correct application process and provide fast turn around at a fair price.