Different Teflon® Coating Types Different Teflon® Coating Types

At Coating Solutions, Inc., we aim to be your number one resource when it comes to Teflon® coating types. There are a lot of different Teflon® coating types, and we surely do not expect you to memorize them. So, depending on your need, coating experts have options for you to consider.

Teflon® PTFE

The Teflon® PTFE option is the most temperature resistant option available for our customers. Additionally, this Teflon® coating type provides the lowest amount of friction when compared to other options. Teflon® PTFE is chemical resistant, nonwetting and very good as an electrical insulator. This type of coating is often used in the food processing, bakeware, laundry, lighting and packaging industries.

Teflon® FEP

If you are in need of mold release coatings, there is no better option for you than Teflon® FEP. A non-porous film is created with Teflon® FEP coatings and makes them more resistant to chemicals than other Teflon® coating types. Other benefits of Teflon® FEP coating is that it is extremely nonwetting and also has a very low coefficient of friction. This is a great option for industries such as food processing, chemical processing, textiles, etc.

Teflon® PFA

When it comes to coating, Teflon® PFA type is very resistant to abrasions. Additionally, this type of coating is resistant to high temperatures, chemical resistant and non-porous. So, if tough and rugged is what you need, Teflon® PFA coating is the way to go! Over the years, we’ve recommended Teflon® PFA for chemical processing, molds, laundry dryers and even copiers.

Teflon® S

There’s no need for primers when choosing Teflon® S as your coating type. This coating option only needs one coat, is self-priming, is made with organic adhesive to boost binding and also cures at lower temperatures than other pure fluoropolymers. For those in the automotive, lawn & garden, hardware or packaging industries, Teflon® S coating is a coating type to consider.

Family Owned Teflon® Coating Experts

To go along with the theme of being family owned, our team at Coating Solutions, Inc., wants all of our customers to feel like part of the family. In order to achieve this, customer service must be at the forefront of our business model. Dating back to 1995, we’ve been providing Teflon® coating types to a wide range of industries including food processing, packaging machinery, machine shops and many more. When you call our team with questions or need our assistance, you’ll work with one of our live representatives that is not automated!

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