Teflon Coatings for Machine Shops

Teflon Coatings For Machine Shop MachineryMachine shops have found many uses for parts coated with Teflon® or other fluoropolymers. These coatings are known for a host of beneficial properties, including nonstick and nonwetting, heat and chemical and corrosion resistant, unique electrical characteristics, and a low coefficient of friction. Coating Solutions will coat one or a thousand parts with Teflon® or another fluoropolymer for your machine shop. Whatever you need or your customers have asked you to have coated, we can do. Our fast turnaround enables you to get the part to your customer in a timely manner. And because we have the lowest minimum lot charge in the industry, the coating is cost-effective for everyone. So contact us today for top-rate fluoropolymer coatings.

Superior Release Coatings

If your customer has asked you to have a part coated so that it has superior release, we can coat it for you. Whether you are making a part for a food processor or a packaging customer, we will coat whatever item you/they need for superb nonstick properties. And if you need anything coated for your own shop, we can obviously handle that too.

Nonwetting Coatings for Machine Shops

Fluoropolymer coatings have excellent nonwetting properties. If you have a customer that needs a part coated for nonwetting abilities, just tell us how it will be used and we will determine the ideal coat for the part.

Temperature Stability of Fluoropolymers

Teflon® and other fluoropolymer coatings are famous for their resistance to high and low temperatures. This ability is what has made them common in bakeware, as it does no good to coat a pan in nonstick Teflon® only to have it burn off with the first egg cooked. Many industries have used fluoropolymers for their temperature resistance capabilities, including many industries that machine shops work with. If you have a customer requesting a part be coated with a fluoropolymer in order to resist temperatures, we will help determine which coat will work best upon finding out how the part will be used. Also, some machine shops need fluoropolymer coatings for their own parts. If you need a part for your own shop, we can help you decide which coating will be ideal.

Low Friction Coatings for Machine Shops

An extremely low coefficient of friction is another popular reason to have parts coated with Teflon® and other fluoropolymers. These coatings vastly reduce the amount of friction between moving parts and this reason is why many customers of machine shops request that parts be coated with these materials. When your customers request that a part be coated with a fluoropolymer, look to Coating Solutions as your choice. Our fast turnaround, high quality, and lowest minimum lot charge in the industry means that when you choose us, everyone involved is happy. The customer gets their part faster and they pay less. Team up with us for your low friction needs and you won’t go wrong.

Chemical Resistance of Fluoropolymers

Although the chemical resistance of fluoropolymers typically benefits those in the chemical processing industry, it also can help other industries who have discovered specific needs for it. As with all fluoropolymers, there are still uses being discovered for them. Perhaps you have a customer at your machine shop who has been agonizing about a part’s permeability to chemicals. If so, suggest they have the part coated with a fluoropolymer. These coatings are resistant to most know chemicals and can help with any permeability issues. Or if you have a part that needs resistance to chemicals, contact us to take care of the problem. We will gladly help determine which coating will be appropriate for the part.

Unique Electrical Properties of Teflon® and Fluoropolymers

These coatings have been found to have extremely unique electrical properties. If a customer has requested a part be coated for these properties, Coating Solutions should be your first choice.

Professional Coaters for Machine Shops

Coating Solutions is a family owned business and has been working with Teflon® and other fluoropolymer coatings since 1995. Our expertise enables us to determine which coat is ideal for a part’s desired use. You know we will treat you like family, because we are family.

We provide fluoropolymer coatings for machine shops throughout the country, including in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, and more.

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