Lowest Lot Charge in the Coating Industry

Lowest Minimum Lot Charge in the Coating IndustryThe year 2020 has all of us thrown into a loop. With new global threats and fears of illness, it has many businesses struggling to survive. At Coating Solutions, Inc., we have always kept the needs of our customers in mind. We have been a company that prides itself on giving back to our community and building customer relationships that last for years on end. At Coating Solutions, Inc., we are not shy in saying that we proudly offer the lowest minimum lot charge in the industry. We stand on principles that have held firm since 1995 and we do not see them going anywhere anytime soon.

How Can We Offer Such Low Minimum Lot Charges?

Many of our loyal companies have asked us how exactly we are able to offer them the lowest minimum lot charges in the coating industry without sacrificing on the quality of work that we do. As a family-owned, American company, we understand that relationships and communities matter. By working with smaller companies and giving them the ability to either test out a new product or coat a few pieces of machinery quickly, we have been able to watch their growth over the years. We have even seen some of those small companies that desperately appreciated the small minimum lot charge in the beginning grow and flourish onto larger corporations. Bottom line, sometimes companies just don’t have a full order of items coated and no one should be financially punished for that. We believe that our honesty, integrity and quality of work holds our relationship with customers and allows for everyone to thrive.

Quality Coatings at an Affordable Price

Whether you are only getting one piece coated or 10,000, our process is still the same. We take every product and treat it as if it was something we owned ourselves. We strictly follow a step by step rigorous coating process that allows for thoroughness and precision every single time. From prebaking the substrate to packaging and shipping it back all within three to five days, our system allows for both small and large coating quantities.

Low minimum lot charges can help boost our economy and keep many businesses going. At Coating Solutions, Inc., we are here for all of your coating needs. Whether you need one product coating or a million, you can trust Coating Solutions, Inc., to get it done fast, efficiently, and flawlessly. For more information about our low minimum lot charge and our coating services, give us a call today at (651) 762-5700 or send us an email at sales@coatingsolutions.com.

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