teflon-coatings-for-machine-shop-machineryTeflon© coating can be used for a wide range of industries and products, helping business create their own products, coat tools that can be used in particular settings and industries, and more. There are several types of Teflon© coating available for plenty of uses, and understanding the properties and advantages of Teflon© will help you understand which type of coating may be right for your purposes. At Coating Solutions Inc., our Hugo, MN Teflon© coating experts can help you choose the right coating for you, but we can also give you information right now about how Teflon© can be used!

Nonstick Properties of Teflon© Coating

If you’ve ever owned a Teflon© cooking pan, you’ll know that Teflon© coatings are often used specifically for their nonstick properties in home kitchens and in commercial food processing. Teflon© coating works exceptionally well for nonstick purposes outside of the kitchen, though, including several industries like the packing industry, the aerospace industry, the paper industry, and so many more!
Nonwetting Teflon© Uses

The nonwetting properties of Teflon© can be exceptionally useful in many industries, keeping machinery and surfaces free of water. With Teflon©, coatings that are particularly nonwetting force water to create beads rather than seeping into a surface, allowing for the quick and easy removal of any water beads.

Teflon© for Temperature Stability and Resistance

Need a coating that can withstand high temperatures for baking, lighting, packaging, or other needs? There are several Teflon© coatings that can resist very high temperatures, each having a maximum temperature based on their individual properties.

Low-Friction Teflon© Coating

If you’re in need of a way to reduce friction in production plants, automobiles, houseware, hardware, or otherwise, Teflon© coating is a dry lubricant that naturally has a low-friction coefficient.

Teflon© with Good Chemical-Resistance

Although not all Teflon© coatings are intended for the same level of chemical resistance, most Teflon© is perfect for resisting the harsh effects of chemicals. If you’re using Teflon© in an industry where chemicals are typically used or created, then you’ll need a chemical-resistant Teflon© that won’t be broken down by most known chemicals.

Electrical Uses for Teflon©

Teflon© coatings that will be used for electrical purposes often must have a high dielectric strength or a low dielectric constant and loss. There are Teflon© coatings that are manufactured specifically for these purposes, and we can point you in the right direction!

Teflon© Coating for Abrasion-Resistance

By virtue of some of its other properties, such as its low friction coefficient and chemical resistance, Teflon© coatings are often resistant to abrasions, which is useful for most industries and uses. If you want your Teflon©-coated products or machinery to last as long as possible, keeping in mind how resistant to abrasion a particular coating type is will help make sure you aren’t disappointed by your choice of Teflon©. To find out which type of Teflon© coating you need based on the properties of Teflon© you’d like to take advantage of, contact our Hugo, Minnesota Teflon© professionals at Coating Solutions Inc. at 651-762-5700.

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