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teflon-coatings-for-machine-shop-machineryWhen you think of Teflon® coating, you may automatically think of it’s usefulness in the kitchen. After all, it helps prevent your favorite food from sticking to your pots and pans and helps ensure that what you are cooking tastes great and is cooked evenly. In addition to its functionality in the kitchen, Teflon® and other fluoropolymer coating can be applied to many other things -- including equipment, parts and machinery to keep systems moving efficiently. Coating Solutions is a leader in Teflon® and fluoropolymer coating application, and works with many machine shops in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area and around the country.

Industrial Teflon® Coating Services

IndustrialTeflon CoatingAs a leader in the industrial coatings industry, Coating Solutions Industries is dedicated to enhancing the performance capabilities of our customers' products. Our coating processes increase the value of automotive parts, medical devices, consumer goods and many other products by creating functional surfaces that eliminate problems. Coating Solutions has been serving the needs of engineers and manufacturers for more than 20 years. We maintain an in-house laboratory to develop specialized materials and application methods, which are often required for new products in need of quality coating. Our in-house ability to design and manufacture equipment and processes reinforces our engineering approach to precision coating application.

Best Customer Service

Teflon Application CompanyCoating Solutions is a family owned and operated business, located outside of St. Paul, Minnesota. At Coating Solutions we are sure to put our clients’ needs first and give them a quick turnaround. We have years of experience with DuPont Teflon® coating applicator, as well as an applicator for Whitford fluoropolymer products. With more than 20 years of experience, we have based our business off of keeping our customers happy, hard work and quick turnarounds. Our pricing is competitive and with our commitment to excellence, we have been able to serve our community.

Teflon© Coating Types/Uses

Teflon© coatings are used throughout several industries for countless uses, but you might not realize that there are various types of Teflon© coating that can be used in every case. Whether you’re looking for a Teflon© coating that’s nonstick, nonwetting, chemically resistant, heat-resistant, non-porous, abrasion-resistant, or otherwise, you’ll need to know more about each Teflon© coating type and what it can offer you. At Coating Solutions Inc., we can help you find exactly the right Teflon© coating type for your needs simply be getting an understanding of your industry and how you intend to use a Teflon© coating. Once we know that, you’re already well on your way to getting any and all surfaces coated with the best Teflon© coating for you. Take a look at the Teflon© coating types we offer below, and trust that our Minnesota Teflon© coating company will provide you with information that will ensure you get the right type of Teflon©.

Minnesota Teflon Coating Company

TeflonAre you looking for a Teflon® Coating company near you? Coating Solutions is located in Minnesota and is here to provide you with great customer service and do a great job. So why would you work with us? As we know, a lot of our customers produce good work, otherwise they wouldn’t still be in business. What sets us apart from other Minnesota Teflon® coating companies is that we produce great work, and produce work fast. We turnaround our projects between 3-5 days. If necessary we can even get your work done in 1 hour! That is unheard of elsewhere. We also have the lowest minimum lot charge in the industry. When you work with us you know not only that you will get great work done, but that your work will get done in a timely fashion.

Reliable Teflon© Coating Company

Teflon Application CompanyWhen you’re looking for a Teflon© coating company, you don’t want just anyone because not just anyone can do what you need. Shopping around for Teflon© coating isn’t like searching for a deal on carpet sales or comparing prices on office supplies; you need a company that knows what it’s doing, can do its job well, and can make sure you have exactly what you need at the end of the day. At Coating Solutions, Inc., our Hugo, Minnesota Teflon© coating experts have been working for years to ensure we’re a reliable name in the business with professional standards. We’ll work with you to get you what you need, whether you’re a Teflon© expert yourself or you need some help understanding what type of Teflon© you’ll need for your business or products.

Teflon® Coating Types

Coating Solutions is a DuPont Teflon® coating application company, specializing in providing high quality coating application for all types of machinery, equipment and parts. Our team uses a wide variety of coating types depending on your business’ or your industry’s unique needs. Each coating type has its own specific characteristics that make it ideal for certain uses. The team at Coating Solutions has experience working with all types of coating and can help you determine the type of DuPont Teflon® coating that will work best for your needs.

Teflon® Coating Benefits

Serving the U.S. for over 20 years, we have definitely got the hang of handling Teflon®. Our process is really down to an art, completing quality Teflon® coatings for all different types of industries throughout the country. When new companies reach out to us about coatings, they often have many questions about Teflon® and its real value. At Coating Solutions, Inc., we want to show you some of the many benefits of Teflon® coatings.

Teflon© Coating Company Minnesota

TeflonIf you’re looking for a Minnesota Teflon© coating company that can serve your needs, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for Teflon© coating for food processing, packaging, machinery, or otherwise, the Teflon© experts at Coating Solutions, Inc. can help you choose the best coating for you. Based on your specific needs, from chemical resistance to abrasion resistance, nonwetting to high temperature resistance, a Teflon© coating company should be able to give you exactly the coating product you need every time – along with all of the information you need to make the best, most informed decision possible.