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Coating Application ProcessYou may be very familiar with the many benefits of Teflon® and fluoropolymer coating for your parts and equipment. What you may not be as familiar with are the specifics of the coating application process. Coating Solutions has been providing high quality and affordable Teflon® and fluoropolymer coating for nearly forty years with a focus on excellent customer service. Part of this customer service comes from the detailed process we follow on each and every coating job. Following this process no matter the coating used or part coating used, ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

6-step process for applying Teflon® and fluoropolymer coating:

1. The first step in our coating application process is called the prebake substrate. This process removes all oils from the piece of equipment so that the new coating will go on smoothly, without areas of discrepancy.
2. Next, we complete what is called the grit blasting process. The goal of this step is to remove all scales, rusting, corrosion and any previous coatings. We use aluminum oxide for this process because it is the most effective at cutting through even the hardest metals.
3. The third step in the coating application process is to spray on the fluoropolymer coating that you have chosen. We use a manual spray technique so that we can ensure a perfectly even coat every time.
4. Then, we cure the substrate. We follow the guidelines for each fluoropolymer coating to be sure that we use the correct curing temperature (each substance has a different curing temperature).
5. After we cure the substrate, we individually inspect each piece of equipment for any problems or defects. We stand behind our work, so this part of the process is one of the most important steps.
6. Finally, we take great care to pack and ship up your equipment so that when it arrives, it is ready to go. We understand that you cannot afford to be out of production for an extended period of time, so we work quickly and use rush shipping when necessary.

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Coating Solutions cares about your experience and works hard to ensure that you get the best prices on your Teflon® and fluoropolymer coating application. Our team can answer your questions, return calls and emails and help you decide which coating to choose to meet your needs. For more information about our coating application services, call us at 651-762-5700.

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