Fluoropolymer Metal Coating In Hugo Minnesota

Fluoropolymer Metal Coating In Hugo MinnesotaFluoropolymers have been called a “super paint” because of its durable quality and versatility amongst applications. Fluoropolymers are ideal for many industrial applications due to these qualities and more. Coating Solutions in Hugo, Minnesota provides several types for fluoropolymer coatings to extend the life of and reduce wear and tear on your industrial parts. A fluoropolymer is a polymer with multiple carbon-fluorine bonds. Some of its key characteristics include high resistance to acids

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Benefits Of Fluoropolymer Application In Industrial Laundry

Benefits Of Fluoropolymer Application In Industrial LaundryThere are many direct, and indirect, benefits of using parts that have been coated with some type of fluoropolymer application. Some of the biggest benefits include heat-resistance, extreme weatherability, and having universal chemical compatibility. In the laundry industry, the best, and perhaps most obvious application, is in commercial

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Rapid Turnaround Industrial Coaters In Minnesota

Rapid Turnaround Industrial Coaters In MinnesotaWhen it comes to the application of industrial fluoropolymer coating, there are several options available to you. These are likely companies that would apply high quality sealants and follow certain industry guidelines to ensure that you get a good product in the end. The final choice in what coating company you choose however rests in the culmination of several deciding factors. It is no secret that post-pandemic, industrial plants

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PFA Industrial Coating Applications

PFA Industrial Coating ApplicationsTeflon™ perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) industrial coatings melt and flow during baking to provide nonporous films. These multi-coat systems provide higher continuous use temperatures (500°F), have a high dielectric strength, and are considered tougher than PTFE or FEP. Because of their chemical resistance properties, Teflon™ PFA industrial coatings

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Benefits Of Kynar Coating On Aluminum And Steel

Kynar Coating On AluminumIt can be difficult to find coating solutions for metal applications such as aluminum and steel. These surfaces can be tricky to coat and are often subject to surface damage when they aren’t treated with the proper coating. One of the more common coating solutions for these applications is Kynar. Kynar is a fluoropolymer resin coating. Fluoropolymer is also known as polyvinylidene fluoride

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Xylan® Coatings and Applications

Xylan® Coatings and Applications | Parts and Equipment Coating ApplicationXylan® Coatings: Xylan is a brand-name fluoropolymer coating line created by the Whitford Worldwide Company, which specialized in the manufacture of low-friction, wear-resistance coatings for industrial applications and non-stick coatings for consumer products. The company was acquired by PPG Industries in 2019. The Xylan® line encompasses a range of fluoropolymer coating materials, all of which are designed to enhance the performance and/or extend the service life of a variety of industrial and consumer products.

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Industrial Coating Application Specialists MN

Coating Solutions, Inc. in Hugo, MN: Industrial Coating Application Specialists MNCoating Solutions specializes in industrial coating application. We use many different types of DuPont Teflon® and other fluoropolymer coatings, including some made by Whitford. We have been in this business since 1995 and we are Minnesota's most experienced industrial coating application specialists. Our process is careful and consistent, and we always complete quality control before we package and ship your items back to you. We realize that sending us your parts and equipment takes trust and also requires that your production is altered in some way. This is not an insignificant issue, so you have our word that we will work quickly, always offer rush shipping and keep our prices affordable, so you can count on us when you need us!

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