Xylan® XLR For Industrial Food Production

Xylan® XLR For Industrial Food ProductionThese days, it’s no longer difficult to find food grade coatings that are nonstick and provide good release. The issue becomes durability. Most of the time, food production teams pick a coating that provides the right level of nonstick at a good price point. On the back end, production costs start to soar because coating failures cause delays and product issues. Simply put, issues with the coatings on production equipment is one headache that you don’t want your team to have to deal with on a regular basis.

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Diverse Applications of Teflon Coatings

Diverse Applications of Teflon Coatings - Low Friction Coating ApplicationsThe number one cause of mechanical failure in most any piece of production equipment is failed bearings within the machine. An increase in vibration and excessive heating are often the culprit behind a failed bearing. A Teflon coating, however, increases mechanical properties and provides greater temperature resistance. After getting its start from being used to coat valves and prevent leak points in the nuclear bomb constructed during The Manhattan Project, the Polytetrafluoro Ethelyne product known as Teflon has soared in popularity and is now found in countless applications across many industries.

Benefits of Teflon® Coating in the Food Industry

Benefits of Teflon® Coating in the Food Industry

Benefits of Teflon® Coating in the Food IndustryTeflon® coating has become famous for what it does for our frying pans. The coating allows you to cook an egg without it sticking to the pan, avoiding a mess and an unappetizing egg. Teflon® coating is also used more broadly in the food industry. The idea is exactly the same. Teflon® and fluoropolymer industrial coatings are used for all types of parts and equipment used in kitchens including waffle irons, bread bans, mixers, beaters, hoppers, bread pans, dough rollers, and blades. If you are in the food industry and are looking to have some of your equipment coated, the team at Coating Solutions can help. We have more than 20 years of experience applying high quality Teflon® and fluoropolymer industrial coatings to all types of parts and equipment. Teflon® and fluoropolymer industrial coating provide many benefits to business owners and managers in the food industry.

Coatings For The Chemical Processing Industry

The industrial equipment that is used for chemical processing must be extremely durable because of the corrosive and high temperature environments that must be used. For this reason, many chemical processing companies rely on fluoropolymer coatings to ensure the equipment remains protected for years to come. At Coating Solutions, we’re a highly experience company offering DuPont® Teflon and fluoropolymer coatings to the chemical processing industry and a whole host of other industries as well.

The Teflon® Coating Process

The Teflon® Coating ProcessCoating Solutions, Inc., is proud to offer Teflon® coatings for a wide variety of differing industries. No matter what your reasoning for getting your product coated, Coating Solutions, Inc., works diligently to ensure that every Teflon® coating service we perform is done with precision and care. As a family owned company, we treat every customer like they are family of our own. Since 1995, we have been providing a premier coating service for many different companies and industries. If you are looking for quality Teflon® coatings, Coating Solutions, Inc., should always be your first phone call.

Non-Stick Bakeware Coatings

Non-Stick Bakeware Coatings Industrial ApplicatorIf you’ve ever baked anything in your life, it’s likely that you’ve come across a sleek and functional Teflon® coating. You can tell because whatever you decided to bake likely slipped perfectly out of the pan, not sticking to it or leaving remnants behind. Then, if you were so lucky as to wash the pan after the baking was done, you may have noticed how the water beaded instead of spread freely, making even your wash a simple and easy cleanup. Teflon® coatings can do remarkable things for bakeware.