Teflon Coating Applications

The Teflon® Coating Process

The Teflon® Coating ProcessCoating Solutions Inc., has been a proud leader in the Teflon® coating business. We pride ourselves in our work, in our products and in the relationships we have built with numerous types of industries. Teflon® coatings are everywhere. From your granny’s kitchen to aerospace sciences, Teflon® is a vital component to many tools, machinery and products. We are proud to be an American Teflon® coating company that is family owned and family trusted. Every customer that calls us or walks through our door is going to be treated like family. We want to ensure that all of our customers get the quality Teflon® coating that they expect, each and every time.

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What are Teflon Coatings Used For?

What are Teflon Coatings Used For?While most consumers understand Teflon® to be a product used only in household kitchens, more and more industries have discovered that Teflon® is a superior coating that can aid in making any product or machinery more versatile. What are Teflon® Coatings used for? At Coating Solutions, Inc., we want to explore with you all of the Teflon® coating possibilities. At Coating Solutions, Inc., we have a variety of different Teflon® coatings.

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What is Teflon Coating For?

What is Teflon Coating For?Teflon Coating is a product that is sprayed on objects and then backed until it forms a solid coat. The coating puts a waterproof, non-corrosive protective layer on products. The most common industries that use Teflon are: Commercial Bake Ware, Food Processing, Footwear, Laundry, Lighting, Office Automation, Packaging.

Teflon® is the brand name that was trademarked for the chemical compound polytetrafluoroethylene, often referred to as (PTFE).

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Teflon® Coating Applications

Teflon® Coating ApplicationsIf you work in the food processing, packaging machinery, or machine shop industry, you likely already know about the many benefits of Teflon® coating applications, including non-stick properties, non-wetting properties, temperature resistance, low coefficient of friction and chemical resistance. What you may not know is that Coating Solutions is a family owned business that specializes in the application of Teflon® industrial coating. We understand that you have many choices when it comes to a fluoropolymer coating company, so we work hard to set ourselves apart in the following ways:

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Coating Rollers with Teflon®

Coating Rollers with Teflon® MNTeflon® coating is ideal for use in the food processing industry. It can improve the overall efficiency and ease of use when used for any number of parts of food processing machines, including dough rollers. We have all had the experience in our own kitchen of trying to roll dough without using enough flour on our rolling pin. The dough sticks to the rolling pin, making the process more difficult and tedious.

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Local Teflon Coating Company

Local Teflon Coating CompanyTeflon coating may not be something you think much about unless you are in an industry that needs it. Coating Solutions has focused its entire business on the application Chemours® Teflon® and fluoropolymer industrial coatings for more than twenty years. We partner with a wide variety of industries including food processing, packaging machinery, machine shops, automotive and aerospace industry. We are a local coating company that works hard to set ourselves apart from the competition by doing the little things. We understand that you have many choices when it comes to working with a Teflon coating company. So, why choose us?

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Teflon Coating Company Handling Short Runs

Teflon Coating Company Handling Short RunsInterested in investing in Teflon® coating for your business, but don’t want to invest in a large batch? At Coating Solutions, Inc., we can turn that dream into a reality thanks to the fact that we are a short run Teflon® coating company. This simply means that we offer the lowest minimum lot charge in the industry. Mass production isn’t always what our clients are looking for, so as a short run Teflon® coating company, we wanted to also be able to accommodate our smaller clients.

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Coatings For The Chemical Processing Industry

The industrial equipment that is used for chemical processing must be extremely durable because of the corrosive and high temperature environments that must be used. For this reason, many chemical processing companies rely on fluoropolymer coatings to ensure the equipment remains protected for years to come. At Coating Solutions, we’re a highly experience company offering Chemours®® Teflon and fluoropolymer coatings to the chemical processing industry and a whole host of other industries as well.

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Highest Quality Teflon® Coatings For Your Application

Highest Quality Teflon® Coatings For Your Application | Coating Solutions CompanyAt Coating Solutions, Inc., we are all about providing quality Teflon® coatings to our customers. For over 20 years, our company has been committed to serving the needs of a variety of industries, ensuring that our customers get what they need at an affordable price. If you are looking for quality Teflon® coatings, Coating Solutions, Inc., should be your first and only choice.

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