Industrial Applicator of Non-Stick Bakeware Coatings

Non-Stick Bakeware Coatings Industrial ApplicatorIf you’ve ever baked anything in your life, it’s likely that you’ve come across a sleek and functional Teflon® coating. You can tell because whatever you decided to bake likely slipped perfectly out of the pan, not sticking to it or leaving remnants behind. Then, if you were so lucky as to wash the pan after the baking was done, you may have noticed how the water beaded instead of spread freely, making even your wash a simple and easy cleanup. Teflon® coatings can do remarkable things for bakeware. It’s for this reason that at Coating Solutions, Inc., we offer coating options for those looking to manufacture and advertise non-stick bakeware. If you are looking for a coating that’s right for your bakeware, let Coating Solutions, Inc., help you.

Food Safe Coating Applications

First and foremost, we feel that it’s important to know that we have Teflon® coatings that are applied appropriately to handle contact with food. After all, no matter how many positive properties a coating can have, if it’s not food safe, it should never happen.

Temperature Resistant Coatings

Another obvious need for any non-stick bakeware coating should be its ability to handle a certain degree of temperature. Without this property, could baking really be done? Teflon® coatings are designed specifically for commercial baking and food processing. It has the ability to withstand varying degrees, both hot and cold and is a reliable way to allow for easy, non-stick baking, no matter what the temperature in the oven may be.

Non-Stick Coating Properties

As previously discussed, if you’ve ever tried baking it’s likely you’ve encountered some type of Teflon® coating. Likewise, if you bake frequently, it’s likely you’ve also encountered bakeware without a Teflon® coating. Unfortunately, those items may not have fared as well. Baking with sugars, flours and just about any food can make things sticky very easily. Even if you manage not to burn what you baked, remnants may have been left all over your very sticky pan. In order to have non-stick bakeware, it must indeed be non-stick. This is why so many choose Teflon® non-stick bakeware coatings as their preferred choice.

While all Teflon® coatings have these properties, Coating Solutions, Inc., can guarantee you a quality application for your non-stick bakeware. We pride ourselves on quality products, fast turnaround times, and a low minimum lot charge. For more information on non-stick bakeware coatings, call Coating Solutions, Inc., at (651) 762-5700 or send us an email at

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