Xylan® XLR For Industrial Food Production

Xylan® XLR For Industrial Food ProductionThese days, it’s no longer difficult to find food grade coatings that are nonstick and provide good release. The issue becomes durability. Most of the time, food production teams pick a coating that provides the right level of nonstick at a good price point. On the back end, production costs start to soar because coating failures cause delays and product issues. Simply put, issues with the coatings on production equipment is one headache that you don’t want your team to have to deal with on a regular basis.

What is Xylan® XLR

Xylan® XLR is a revolutionary fluoropolymer nonstick coating that has been developed specifically to provide dry-film release with exceptional resistance to permeation. This heat-resistant coating (up to 500⁰F) offers greatly increased release-life as well as a reduced tendency for formed parts to stick to the mold, for food to stick to industrial bakeware, for polyethylene to stick to heat-sealing bars or other difficult applications where release is required.

Properties And Benefits Of Xylan®

Its main function is dry lubrication, but it has many other beneficial properties. Xylan® coating can work under heavy leads, at high temperatures and in chemical and corrosive environments. It can be applied to conventional systems or reinforced ones with one or more layers. Broadly speaking, its main properties are low friction coefficient, resistance to wear, resistance to corrosion and chemical agents, resistance to direct sunlight and sea water, a wide temperature range, wide range of colors, great flexibility, good machining properties, and excellent adherence to most substrates.

Industrial Food Production Applications

FDA-approved, food-grade Xylan® coatings are often used on food chutes, tubing, and other parts to reduce friction. Food industry-specific common applications include waffle irons, bread pans, mixers and beaters, hoppers, dough rollers, and blades. Other typical uses include thermoforming, molders, and packaging.

Durability Of Xylan®

Independent lab tests have demonstrated that Whitford’s line of nonstick coatings maintains release properties up to fifty times longer than standard nonstick coatings, and more than ten times longer than the second best. Whitford’s food-grade Xylan® coatings are specially formulated to perform in specific types of environments. When selected and applied correctly, they offer the kind of worry-free long-term durability that is needed in major industrial food operations.

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