Top Industrial Uses For Teflon™ CoatingsJust about every industrial sector uses Teflon™ coated parts in some part of their manufacturing process. Of course, the Teflon brand has been a household name in kitchenware, but there are many other uses for the coating. Keep reading to see how Teflon PTFE coating is used in widely diverse industrial sectors.

Cookware and industrial food processing: As we mentioned already, Teflon™ is often used to coat pans, skillets, and other types of cookware, thanks to its famously known non-stick properties. Teflon can also be found in the industrial plants that process food products for the very same reason, for instance, in molds and products that are used repeatedly but require instantaneous release.

Electrical component manufacturing: Teflon™ is used routinely to insulate circuit boards in various electronic devices, thanks to its dielectric properties. Insulation of the electrical components is what makes the circuit boards usable and widely available to the end user. Though there are millions of uses, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, HVAC units, and microwave ovens are some of the most commonly used electrical appliances that use Teflon coated materials.

Industrial automotive and aviation sectors: Teflon™ can be found applied on a wide variety of gears and metal sliders. Having this application, friction is reduced such that the internal components and moving parts remain as damage-free as possible. In the aviation industry, Teflon is used on components that are exposed to extreme temperatures as Teflon can withstand extremes ranging from -250oF to 500oF.

Industrial fuel supply: A wide variety of fuel types, ranging from gasoline to liquid propane are transported worldwide at varying altitudes. The fuel industry experts trust the coating of Teflon™ on the inner lining of fuel pipes because of several qualities that Teflon poses. The first is its non-stick properties – allowing fuel to pass through pipes rapidly. Secondly, with Teflon’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures, the pipes remain relatively un-phased at any altitude in just about any environment. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly to the fuel industry, is its resistance to chemicals. The fuels will not break down the chemical structure of Teflon over time. This lack of degradation allows the pipes to function at peak levels for years to come.

Medical and surgical settings: Perhaps least well-known is the use of Teflon™ in the medical setting. Having a resistance to chemical agents, lab tables and many laboratory instruments are coated with Teflon, as it doesn’t interfere with the development of microbes and bacteria.

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