Temperature Resistant CoatingsWhen operating in industries that work with extreme temperatures, it is critical to use machinery parts that can withstand those temperatures. There are few things more frustrating than having to re-coat parts because the coatings keep wearing off due to extreme temperatures. Coating Solutions, an applicator of fluoropolymer coatings, has been applying temperature resistant coatings for industrial use since 1995. From PTFE Teflon® to PFA and Specialty Systems, we have a wide range of coatings available to allow your machinery parts to withstand whatever type of temperature resistance they need to, while also being nonstick, abrasion resistant, etc. No matter what industry you’re in, if you think temperature resistant coatings will be beneficial for your industrial machinery, consider having the parts coated by Coating Solutions today.

Temperature Resistant Coatings for Food Processing

The food processing industry, what with working with high temperatures for baking, broiling, steaming, etc., have great need to coat their machinery parts with temperature resistant coatings so that the parts can last longer and don’t need to be replaced as often. Primarily, food processing companies need parts that are nonstick so that food doesn’t adhere to machinery parts and production lines keep moving along. But if a company’s nonstick coatings can’t withstand high heat, then the parts will keep getting re-coated often. And this can cost a business a lot of money. The coatings that we use at Coating Solutions can withstand temperatures of up to 800F. So if you are a food processing company, and you are sick of wasting money on costly exotic metals to use for your machinery parts, consider having standard parts coated with a temperature resistant coating by Coating Solutions.

Temperature Resistant Coatings for Packaging Machinery

Companies working in the packaging industry can really benefit from having their machinery parts covered with temperature resistant coatings. The heat that packaging machinery works with can wear and deteriorate parts that are not covered with some sort of temperature resistant coating. Also, PTFE Teflon® and other fluoropolymer coatings that we use at Coating Solutions are great for abrasion resistance as well. This makes them a great choice for packaging machinery.

Temperature Resistant Coatings for Other Industries

Numerous other industries, including those in automotive, machine shops, chemical and aerospace all have needs for temperature resistant coatings. Whatever industry you’re in, if you have a need for one of our coatings, contact us today.

Experienced Coating Applicators

Coating Solutions has been applying temperature resistant coatings for industrial use for over 20 years. Now, while we do a good job, as all fluoropolymer companies do, what sets us apart is that we have an extremely fast turnaround (one day rush available) and the lowest minimum lot charge in the industry. So there’s no need to wait to have a part recoated. If there’s a part you need coated right away so that it can be temperature resistant, just give us a call and we will get it done for you. Contact Coating Solutions today for high quality, fast, and affordable temperature resistant coatings.

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