Teflon® S Coatings

Teflon® S Coatings Coating Solutions offers high quality service in the application of Teflon® S Coatings. We are a trusted team of MN Coating Specialists who take pride in not only offering excellent service, but also in completing our jobs quickly and efficiently. In other words, when you contract with us to take advantage of our Teflon coating application services, you will not have to wait too long before we get to your job. We understand that our clients can choose from any number of coating specialists who will do a good job for them. But we strive to set ourselves apart by making delivering on our expertise faster.

Benefits of Teflon Coating

The advantage of all types of Teflon coatings is that they help to prevent adhesion of foreign substances to the item you have coated. Additionally, our Teflon coatings resist abrasions, which can be extremely important when the surface of the item is central to its intended purpose. Because the number of items that can be treated with Teflon® S Coatings is so large, the intended purposes of those items can range from the cosmetic to the highly functional.

And while some Teflon coatings require baking at high temperatures, Teflon® S Coatings cure at lower temperatures. Our Teflon® S Coatings cure in a range between 350-630°F. As has been stated, our Teflon coating processes emphasize speed and efficiency without sacrificing a high-quality end-result. In fact, the nature of the Teflon® S Coating cures at a lower temperature than other coatings and still provides superior non-stick qualities and resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Industries that use Teflon® S Coatings

Now that you know a bit more about Teflon® S Coatings, it may help to know more about what they work so well on. Teflon® S Coatings are ideal for use on automotive parts. Engine parts in particular benefit from these coatings. Various parts of an automobile engine must be able to withstand tremendous forces and high temperatures. A Teflon® S Coating can withstand temperatures up to 500°F.

Another ideal application for Teflon® S Coatings are lawn and garden tools. Whether you have invested time, energy, and money into creating an elaborate home garden or if you hate yard work and do the minimum, the chances are good that you want to protect the tools you have purchased to do this work. Teflon® S Coatings protect those tools very well. It is also an excellent application to hardware. If you are building a deck or repairing an outdoor banister, applying a Teflon® S Coating to the nails, nuts, and bolts will protect them from the elements.
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