Teflon® Coatings For Machine Shop Industry

Teflon® Coatings For Machine Shop IndustryThe first machine shops to ever surface happened in the 19th century during the industrial revolution. Before the industrial revolution, local workshops and villages would produce parts and tools in order for the majority of companies to do work by hand. Once the industrial revolution hit, there was a big boom in machine shops that are still utilized today. Any machine shop that is cutting raw materials into specific shapes and sizes is a vital component to our economy specifically within the United States. At Coating Solutions, we do our best to be a supportive company that aids machine shops in getting the job done right.

Low Friction Coatings

At Coating Solutions, our Teflon® coatings have low friction properties that serve machine shop companies well. Our coatings aim to reduce the amount of friction between moving parts so that your machines last longer.

Chemical Resistant Coatings

No matter what type of chemicals you use at your shop, our Teflon® coating will help protect your machinery against it. No one wants their machines or parts to be permeable to chemicals. Having the right Teflon® coating allows for impenetrable resistance.

Nonwetting Properties

Whether it’s your own machinery or the machinery you are producing, Teflon® coatings are known for being nonwetting. This means that it does not require a lubricant and repels any liquid that may try to seep into your machinery.

Temperature Resistant Property

The same can be said for its ability to resist temperature. Being infamous for its resistance to high and low temperatures, Teflon® coatings are the ideal coatings to place on any sort of machine that must function in extreme temperatures.

No matter what your reason may be for needing Teflon® coatings, know that your coating will only be as good as the company that applies it. At Coating Solutions, we work hard to be the best at everything we do. We are meticulous with our process every step of the way. We offer low minimum lot charges to all of our machine shop industry customers and we provide the fastest turnaround times in the coating industry today. Not sure which type of Teflon® coating is right for you? Let our experts help determine what coating is most appropriate for your product and help you make the most out of your time and money. For more information about Teflon® coatings for the machine shop industry, give us a call today. Contact Coating Solutions at (651) 762-5700 or give us a call at sales@coatingsolutions.com.

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