In America today, the food processing industry is thriving. Sources say that the American food industry generates around one trillion dollars a year in sales. This ultimately means that although it is thriving, it’s a competitive industry where companies will be competing consistently to stay in the market. This is why every machinery used during the food processing production should be well utilized, saving you time and money so that you can get a successful product out onto the market. At Coating Solutions Inc., we offer quality Teflon® coatings that only add value to your machinery and product. We are a company that understands the food processing industry and we are eager to watch you succeed.

Advantages of Teflon®

Teflon® coatings are consistently a preferred choice when working with any type of food. Now, we aren’t just talking about your mom’s frying pan either. The commercial processing of food can undoubtedly be messy. Covering your machinery with Teflon® coating that is nonstick and temperature resistant is an ideal solution when dealing with sticky sugars, wet flours, or even sticky chicken. Teflon® is nonstick, non-wetting, chemical resistant, temperature resistant, abrasion resistant, and so durable that it has a longer life than any other product made. It is the ideal choice for much of the machinery in the food processing industry.

Advantages of Coating Solutions

So why choose us to perform your Teflon® coatings? We have been serving the food processing industry with quality Teflon® coatings since 1995. We are a company located in Minnesota but serving industries all around the country. We have one of the fastest turnaround times in the country, including 24 hour rushes on orders that are priority. One of the biggest advantages in choosing Coating Solutions Inc., is our low minimum lot charge. We offer a low minimum lot charge because we are confident that you will love the result. Many of our long time customers in the food processing industry have chosen to continue partnering with us because of these advantages and obviously, because of our quality results. We have a high standard of quality which is proven through our success in maintaining long time customers within the food industry.

As the food processing industry thrives, so should your company. For more information on Teflon® coatings within the food industry, give Coating Solutions Inc., a call today. Contact us at (651) 762-5700 or send us an email at

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