Certified Women's Business EnterpriseThere is something about a car being made in America that appeals to the consumer. Whether it’s because they want to promote the US economy, or they want to feel patriotic, or a little bit of both, being made in America can be extremely important to consumers. Just this year, Honda opened its 12th U.S. manufacturing plant in Maryland. Why is this? Well 99% of Honda and Acura vehicles that were sold here were actually manufactured in North America too. Why export when it’s working? Ford has 4 different manufacturing plants in Ohio. They are branded on the fact that everything they do is made in America. So what do these types of automobile manufacturing industries need in order to make their cars in America? They need providers like us, Coating Solutions Inc., to provide quality Teflon® coatings so that their parts stay in working order.

Teflon® Benefits

When do you use Teflon® for your vehicle? During the production of vehicles, many of the engine’s parts are coated with Teflon® to give them the ultimate protection. Back in the days before Teflon®, parts were more frequently damaged and had to be replaced more often. Teflon® offers a protective coating that is abrasion resistant. It is able to withstand an insane amount of heat so that even when your engine heats, the parts stay protected. Additionally, Teflon® is corrosion resistant. All that rust and dust you see on older vehicles does not happen when Teflon® is applied. It is corrosion and chemical resistant and it will not fail when exposed to chemicals and scrapes, like in the pistons and fasteners. Temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance…What else can it do? The lubricity of Teflon® allows for easier movement and creates less friction between products. A great example in this would be the dry lubrication it gives for seat belt clips.

Coating Solutions Inc. Benefits

It’s obvious that Teflon® is the right choice for any type of vehicle on the market today, so why choose us to do your coating? At Coating Solutions Inc., we pride ourselves on being the best. We have one of the fastest turnaround times in the country. A fast turnaround time of 3-5 days is unheard of in the automobile industry, and we even offer a 24 hour rush if needed. We also have the lowest minimum lot charge in the U.S. This is very helpful to all sorts of different industries. Lastly and most importantly, our quality is bar none. Everything we do is done with precision and quality care. Fast, reasonably priced, and quality work – what else could you ask for?

For more information about Coating Solutions Inc., and how we can help your made in America industry boom, especially in the Ohio area, give us a call today at 651-762-5700.

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