You may be well aware of all of the benefits of Teflon® coating for machinery and equipment in the food industry, in packaging machinery, and even in the aerospace and the automotive industry. Teflon has nonstick and nonwetting properties and temperature, chemical and abrasion resistance. Coating Solutions specializes in the application of Teflon® Coating on all types of equipment and machines in the Washington area. Our team works to provide you with the highest quality product, fair prices, fast turnaround time and a low minimum lot charge that keeps you from paying more to coat one item than it would for one hundred.

Teflon® Coating Process Washington

Coating Solutions follows a very specific process for Teflon® coating application. Our crew is careful to inspect the equipment at every stage of the process to ensure consistently high quality. The first step in the coating application process is called prebake substrate, which cleans the area to be coated and removes any oils that are present so that the Teflon® coating adheres properly. Next, we complete grit blasting, which is also a cleaning mechanism to remove rust, corrosion and any other coatings that had been used on the piece of equipment in the past. Aluminum oxide is used for grit blasting. The next step is to manually spray on the fluoropolymer evenly for a perfect coat. Next, our crew will cure the substrate based on the exact type of fluoropolymer that was used. We carefully inspect for any defects after this step so that we feel confident about the quality of each and every coating application. The final step in the process is to package and ship your equipment and machinery and send it back to you!

We know that you need to get back to production so that you can meet your obligations. Our crew can complete this process quickly, most often in just a matter of three to five days. However, if you need your equipment back sooner, we can accommodate rush requests and can even turn a coating job around in one day.

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Coating Solutions has been in the coating application business since 1995 and works to provide fast turnaround and fair prices to each of our customers. We are a family owned business and treat our customers as family. We respond quickly to questions and concerns and you can count on us to be honest with you about whether we can meet your needs. Call us today at 651-762-5700 for more information.

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