Teflon© coatings are used throughout several industries for countless uses, but you might not realize that there are various types of Teflon© coating that can be used in every case. Whether you’re looking for a Teflon© coating that’s nonstick, nonwetting, chemically resistant, heat-resistant, non-porous, abrasion-resistant, or otherwise, you’ll need to know more about each Teflon© coating type and what it can offer you. At Coating Solutions Inc., we can help you find exactly the right Teflon© coating type for your needs simply be getting an understanding of your industry and how you intend to use a Teflon© coating. Once we know that, you’re already well on your way to getting any and all surfaces coated with the best Teflon© coating for you. Take a look at the Teflon© coating types we offer below, and trust that our Minnesota Teflon© coating company will provide you with information that will ensure you get the right type of Teflon©.

Highly Resistant Teflon© PTFE Coating

Our most heat-resistant coating, Teflon© PTFE coating is perfect for industries like commercial bakeware, laundry, footwear, packaging, food processing, lighting, and more. Why, exactly? This thick coating is not only heat-resistant, it’s chemical-resistant, nonwetting, and creates the least amount of friction out of our coating types. It also has the advantage of being an electrical insulator! This Teflon© coating is porous, which means it may not be suited to environments with water vapor and other gases that can seep into the Teflon©.

Teflon© FEP Coating for Release

One of the best Teflon© coating types for release because of its unique properties, Teflon©. FEP coating is often used for mold release in the chemical processing, food processing, textile, footwear, and packaging industries. Unlike the Teflon© PTFE coating, this is a non-porous Teflon© coating and is even more resistant to chemicals, though its heat-resistance is lower.

Teflon© PFA Coating for chemical and Heat Resistance

Teflon© PFA coating is another non-porous coating type that’s chemically resistant and can withstand high temperatures, which makes it a great Teflon© coating for chemical processing, copiers, molds, and laundry dryers.

Versatile Specialty Systems Teflon© Coating

A combination of Teflon© PTFE, PFA and FEP coatings, this is a particularly versatile Teflon© coating type that can be used throughout several industries because of its many uses and desirable properties. Offering a mix of properties from three Teflon© coatings means this type of Teflon© coating can give you just about anything you’re looking for, offering resistance to chemicals and heat, a long lifespan, great release, dielectric resistance, and corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Resistant Teflon© S Coating

Another Teflon© coating type that’s crafted to be a resistant coating, Teflon© S is resistant to heat and abrasion. Like the Teflon© PTFE coating, Teflon© S creates very little friction. Though it is not recommended for chemical uses, it can be the perfect Teflon© coating type for such industries as the automotive, lawn and garden, hardware, and packaging industries.

If you’re looking for a Teflon© coating offering long-lasting release, Xylan© coating might be just what you’re looking for. It’s a very hard and durable Teflon© coating, which makes it abrasion- and permeation-resistant, and it can be used for packaging, commercial bakeware, thermoforming, and food processing.

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