Teflon® Coating Top Applications

Teflon® Coating Top ApplicationsEach industry includes various applications of Teflon® coatings for diversified purposes. Outside of the widely known PTFE coatings for pots and pans, a few different commercial sectors that use PTFE coating services or Teflon® coated products include:

Thanks to its dielectric properties, Teflon® is routinely used to insulate circuit boards in various electronic devices and computers. Electrical insulation is key to make electronic components usable and generally available to the public. Laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, air conditioning units, and microwave ovens are some of the common devices that use Teflon® coating.

Fuel Supply Industries

Various fuels, such as gasoline or liquid propane, need to be transported all over the world and at different altitudes. Fuel industry experts use Teflon® coating to line the insides of fuel pipes for its non-stick properties, allowing the fuel to pass through pipes in places with cold temperatures at a quicker rate. As Teflon® does not react with the fuel because of its chemical resistance, it is the ideal coating for the job.

Automotive Industry

A wide variety of gears and metal sliders are coated with Teflon®, so that friction is reduced, and the internal components of a moving engine remain undamaged. Teflon® coatings are also used in the aircraft industry thanks to its resistance to extreme temperatures.

Medical And Surgical Industries

Teflon® is resistant to corrosion and different types of chemical agents. In lab settings, Teflon® plays a vital role in maintaining a safe and bacteria-free environment. Many of the utensils used by doctors as well as platforms and analyzing tables are coated with Teflon® because this material doesn’t interfere with the development of microbes and bacteria.

Cookware And Food Industries

As you probably know already, Teflon® is often used to coat pans, skillets, and other types of cookware, thanks to its non-stick properties. Commercial kitchen equipment found in restaurants usually use ovens that have been coated with Teflon® to prevent food contamination and ensure easy cleaning.

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