Teflon Coating Solutions In The Screen Printing Industry

Teflon Coating Solutions In The Screen Printing IndustryScreen printing (or the placing of ink on clothing materials) is extremely common and is even opening to individuals that wish to provide small businesses with custom-made clothing articles. Many people would not associate the use of Teflon™ with cloth materials and the screen printing industry, but the use of Teflon™ is quite common! Read on to see how and think about other ways in which the coating experts at Coating Solutions can help your business be more efficient.

Benefits of Teflon™: Teflon™ is a trade name for a PTFE or fluoropolymer. It is applied to many things for durability, efficiency, and for what is its prime benefit… non-stick qualities. For many years, people have known Teflon™ to be used on pots and pans in the kitchen. In fact, you might be hard pressed to find a kitchen anywhere that does not have a pan that is coated with Teflon™. Because the lack of adhesion is one of its biggest benefits, Teflon™ has a wide range of applications where it is useful.

Ink pullers: Having non-stick qualities, the ink pullers are oftentimes coated with Teflon™. Any excess ink deposits are removed. This allows the tool to still perform its function without any obstruction but allows the tool to perform more efficiently and without the extended cleanup that is often associated with tools not coated with Teflon™.

Teflon™ coated mesh sheets: Every screen printer should have a heated press with a Teflon-coated sheet underneath. This allows for the application of smooth inks, and foils, while providing a barrier between ink, vinyl, and decorative areas (such as embroidery).

Teflon™ coated heat sealers: The strip of cloth that is directly underneath the heating elements is oftentimes coated in PTFE or Teflon™ to ensure that the element nor the material that is being sealed stick to the base.

Other Teflon™ Applications?

Can you think of how Teflon™ could be helpful to you? Perhaps you have equipment that you find is taking you too long to clean, or overheats, or experiences a lot of jams. Once you have narrowed down the part in question, contact the experts at Coating Solutions in Hugo, MN to discuss whether Teflon™ or another type of PTFE coating will help to solve your problems. With its non-stick and temperature-resistant qualities, Teflon™ is the go to choice for many industries. Call 651-762-5700 to discuss how coating your components can help today!

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