So many of the industries we serve have questions regarding our process. How do we offer such fast turnaround times? Why do we provide the lowest minimum lot charge in the industry? How can we offer these things and still provide quality work? Coating Solutions, Inc., has all the answers and more today!

Who We Are

In order to understand our process, it’s important that you understand who exactly we are. When you choose Coating Solutions, Inc., to perform your Teflon® coatings on whatever it may be, you are choosing a company that is going to treat you like our own. We are a women owned family business that will treat you as if you were our own family. We do this not because it’s always necessary, but because it’s the right thing to do. Caring for products like they are our own is the best way to get quality work done, so that is what we do! We also recognize that no one ever says “take your time – no rush” with Teflon® coatings. We know that when we get an order from any industry, it needs to be done fast. This is why fast turnaround times and low minimum lot charges are things we consider a priority.

Quality Process

So how do we produce quality work? Through our quality process. Coating Solutions, Inc., has a 6 step process that is followed to a T. We are constantly inspecting every process to make sure that each step is done to perfection. We do this so that all of our customers are 100% satisfied with their product.

1. Prebake Substrate – This step will remove the oils on the product so that the coating may stick properly.
2. Grit Blasting – We grit blast the substrate with aluminum oxide. This will help to prepare the substrate for coating by removing all of the scales, corrosion, rust, and any previous coatings. It also roughens up and enlarges the surface so that the coating will have more room to adhere properly.
3. Spray on Fluoropolymer – Next, it is time to spray on the Teflon®. We use a manual spray method so that we can ensure a perfect coat.
4. Cure Substrate –. The Teflon® coating has its own specifications regarding curing. Curing temperatures can be as high as 800°F.
5. Quality Control – Once these crucial steps are complete, the most important step is done: quality control. It is here that we inspect for defects and ensure our customers are getting the very best every time.
6. Package & Ship – All of these steps are done in a timely fashion so that we can pack it up and ship it back to the customer so that their work can continue.

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