Teflon Application CompanyDo you know which type of Teflon© coating is best for your needs? Is Teflon© coating right for your industry or project? Understanding the various Teflon© coating uses can help you determine whether you need Teflon© coating and how it can help make your work easier. At Coating Solutions, Inc., our Minnesota Teflon© coating experts want to help make sure you not only know that Teflon© coating is the best solution for your needs but that you get the best type of coating, too. To understand what Teflon© coating can offer you, take a look at the properties of different coating types.

Properties and Types of Teflon© Coating

Each type of Teflon© coating comes with its own benefits, and some coating types are simply better for some uses than other coating types. At Coating Solutions, Inc., we offer several types of Teflon© coating so that we can serve as many industries and businesses as possible. These coating types include:

• Specialty Systems Teflon©
• Teflon© S
• Xylan©

Each of these types of Teflon© coating is best used for different industries based on their unique properties and abilities. The notable properties of Teflon© coatings can include:

• Nonwetting
• Porous and non-porous
• Heat-resistant
• Chemical-resistant
• Abrasion-resistant
• Unique electric properties like dielectric strength
• Low Coefficient of Friction
• Great release

Each of these properties of Teflon© coating can be useful in different industries. If you think you could benefit from some of these Teflon© properties, take a look at the different types of Teflon© and the industries we typically serve.

Food Processing Teflon© Coating

Withstanding high curing temperatures and great for their nonstick properties, the right Teflon© coatings can be used in the food processing industry to coat things like waffle irons, bread pans, dough rollers, mixers and beaters, and more.

Packaging Teflon© Coating

Teflon© coatings that offer high heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and excellent nonstick properties are perfect for the packaging industry. Typically, we offer Teflon© coating for conveyors, heat seal bars, cutting blades, sealing heads, cutting blades, and more.

Teflon© Coating for Machine Shops

When working in machine shops, your Teflon© needs to have a variety of properties to ensure it’s as effective as possible and meets all of your needs. The properties of machine shop Teflon© coating should include nonstick and nonwetting, resistance to heat, chemicals, and corrosion, unique electrical properties, and a low coefficient of friction.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry Teflon© Coating

We offer highly chemical-resistant Teflon© coating solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and if you’re working in this industry, you may benefit from other properties Teflon© coatings can offer, such as non-porousness to ensure good liquid resistance.

Additional Industry Uses for Teflon©

In addition to these industries and uses, Teflon© coating can be the perfect solution for the following industries and several others:

• Automotive Teflon© coating
• Aerospace Teflon© coating
• Teflon© coating for the military
• Paper industry Teflon© coating
• Lawn & garden Teflon© coating
• Teflon© coating for the hardware industry

If you’re still not sure whether Teflon© coatings can be used for your industry, contact our Minnesota Teflon© coating experts at Coating Solutions Inc. at 651-762-5700.

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