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Other Industries Teflon Coatings MinnesotaTeflon® and other fluoropolymer coatings have been found to be useful for a wide range of other industries in Minnesota. From pharmaceutical to automotive, many people are finding uses for these incredibly flexible coatings. Coating Solutions will coat parts for any industry, from automotive to lawn & garden, to paper, we can handle it all. Our liquid coatings can be used for an array of items. Browse below to see if your industry would benefit from having parts coated with a fluoropolymer. If you don’t see your industry listed, contact us anyway to see if we can help you out.

Fluoropolymer Coatings for the Automotive Industry

Teflon® and other fluoropolymer coatings have incredible uses for the automotive industry. These coatings work terrifically as a dry lubricant for seat belt clips. And the coatings are excellent at preventing corrosion for pistons and fasteners, among other items. If you have a need for fluoropolymer coatings for automotive applications, Coating Solutions is your first choice.

Fasteners and Fluoropolymer Coatings Minnesota

Industrial bolts and nuts work much better when they are coated with fluoropolymers. And Teflon® and other fluoropolymer coatings work great when intended for resistance to chemicals and abrasions. In situations where fasteners are repeatedly exposed to chemicals or scrapes, a Teflon® coating could extend their life, saving you lots of money from labor and replacement parts.

Footwear Applications for Fluoropolymers

Shoe molds used in the footwear industry benefit greatly from a coating of fluoropolymer. The nonstick properties of fluoropolymers means that shoes come out of molds easier, moving production along at a reliable pace. If you are an established footwear company or a start-up, you can dramatically benefit from having molds coated with fluoropolymers.

Fluoropolymer Coatings for the Hardware Industry

Saw blades perform greatly, and have longer life spans, when coated with Teflon® and other fluoropolymers. Nonstick and low friction are two advantages to having saw blades coated with Teflon®. Also, when blades are coated with fluoropolymers, they are then more resistant to abrasions, which makes them last much longer as opposed to non-coated blades. Coating blades and other equipment for abrasion resistance greatly helps a company’s bottom line.

Laundry Uses for Fluoropolymer Coatings

Dryer baskets work much more smoothly when covered with a nonstick fluoropolymer coating. Clothes don’t stick to the sides and dry better, quicker. A laundromat who services their own machines would profit from having their dryer baskets coated with a fluoropolymer.

Lawn & Garden Uses in Minnesota

Shears and scissors function much more fluidly when a fluoropolymer coating is applied to them. Corrosion and abrasion resistant, dry lubricants, and nonstick are all features of Teflon® and other fluoropolymers, and these properties make them incredibly useful when applied to scissors and shears. Uses are still being found for these coatings. So if you have an idea of how these coatings could aid your lawn and garden equipment, call us today and we will help make it work.

Paper Industry Uses for Fluoropolymers

Press rolls used for the paper industry operate much more efficiently when Teflon® and other fluoropolymer coatings are applied to them. The nonstick abilities of fluoropolymers means that when they are applied to press rolls, paper will not cling to the rolls, thereby jamming machines and creating work stoppages. These coatings also help prevent corrosion to press rolls as they are regularly exposed to drying pulp and paper. Coating rollers with Teflon® and other fluoropolymers helps to extend their life and make operations run more efficiently.

Professional Teflon® Applicators in Minnesota

Coating Solutions has been coating parts with Teflon® and other fluoropolymers for an array of industries in Minnesota since 1995. But there are still many other industries that could profit from these coatings. If you have a part that could benefit from a fluoropolymer coating, contact us today and we will help you figure out which coat is ideal for your needs.

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