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Teflon Coating Company MN | Benefits of Teflon CoatingsChemours® Teflon®, (polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)) has many benefits as a result of its unique properties. Over the past century, Teflon® has become increasingly popular and is used across many industries from pots and pans to the aerospace industry. So what are the benefits of Teflon®?

Most chemicals do not affect Teflon®.

PTFE is nonreactive because of the strength of the carbon and fluorine bonds. The only chemicals known to affect these bonds are highly reactive metals like the alkali metals. Luckily for you, Alkali metals are highly reactive and only exist in nature bonded to salts. As a result of there non reactive nature, Teflon® is often used in containers and pipework for reactive and corrosive chemicals.

Teflon® has unique electrical properties that are unparalleled to other synthetic coatings.

These properties include high dielectric strength, and low dielectric constant and loss.  These properties mean Teflon® can withstand a high electrical field without breaking down and a low electric flux. This makes Teflon® a great insulator and also can be a great coating for electric wiring.

Teflon® is both heat and cold resistant.

Teflon® can withstand temperatures ranging from about 600K (620 Fahrenheit) to 194 K (-110 Fahrenheit). Having a high melting point is a great advantage for many industries, another reason Teflon® is a popular choice.

Teflon® is nonstick.

Teflon® basically can clean itself as it has a low surface tension. Meaning substances do not bind to this chemical and therefore they can be easily removed. Another reason it is nonstick is because of the low coefficient of friction. Therefore, other surfaces that rub against Teflon® will move past it and will slide gently and easily.

Teflon® has Abrasion Resistant Advantages.

Another Benefit of having a low coefficient of friction is the reduction or ware. When a surface has a low coefficient of friction, other properties will slide gently across it and therefore reduce the thermal energy created by high coefficient of friction, which in return wares down objects. This saves expenses related to cleaning, servicing, and replacing.

As you can see Chemours® Teflon®, has many great benefits and is like no other synthetic coat. As Teflon® has become increasingly popular over the past century, it has grown to serve many industries. At Coating Solutions, we provide Chemours® Teflon® coating and have the lowest minimum lot charge in the industry. We also have quick turnarounds and will serve you whether you are testing a new product and want a single sample or have thousands of parts that need to be coated. To learn more about Teflon® coating, give us a call today!

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