Serving the U.S. for over 20 years, we have definitely got the hang of handling Teflon®. Our process is really down to an art, completing quality Teflon® coatings for all different types of industries throughout the country. When new companies reach out to us about coatings, they often have many questions about Teflon® and its real value. At Coating Solutions, Inc., we want to show you some of the many benefits of Teflon® coatings.

Nonstick Benefit

Is there ever really a scenario where you would say, “Man, I wish my machine would stick more together?” The only thing we like to stick to around here is our budget. Teflon® is great for coating items that need to be nonstick. This includes many industries like the food processing, paper, machine shop, and packaging industries.

Temperature Resistant Benefit

Working with hot or cold temperatures? Teflon® is the perfect solution to keeping your product safe as it endures the flames or handles the frigid temperatures. This benefit is greatly utilized for commercial baking, food processing, lighting, and packaging industries.

Abrasion Resistant Benefit

Again, do people actually ask for a product to be weak and abrasive? Nope. The machine shop industry is most likely to take advantage of this added benefit as many of their machines are often rubbing against one another. By decreasing the friction on any machine, you are increasing the longevity and life of the product. It’s a win-win in our book.

Chemical Resistant Benefit

Have you ever opened up the hood of your vehicle? Ever noticed all that Teflon®? Whether you are in the chemical processing industry or another industry that utilizes chemicals, it’s important to have a chemical resistant coat on whatever your machinery is coming into contact with. This is utilized in not just chemical plants but also pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. Many industries create byproducts that need chemical resistance storage.

Nonwetting Benefit

A little bit more confusing to explain, but have you ever gotten your car washed and waxed? It’s so much fun to watch the water bead up instead of pouring down everywhere and into a product. The nonwetting feature of Teflon® makes for an easier cleanup and greater durability. This is a great benefit for military and aerospace types of industries.

Curious for more? If you are ready to see for yourself all the amazing benefits that Teflon® has to offer, give Coating Solutions, Inc., a call today. Offering fast turnaround times and low minimum lot charges, we are your premier Teflon® coating company that produces quality work every time. Call us today at (651) 762-5700 or send us an email at to learn more.

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