Teflon Applications In The Industrial Machine Shop

Teflon Coatings For Industrial Machine ShopsYou might know it as “PTFE”, but it also goes by several other names, including “polytetrafluoroethylene” and its brand name “Teflon.” It is a plastic fluoropolymer that makes a vital contribution to numerous industries that touch our lives daily. PTFE’s material characteristics are significant, and when you look closer at those characteristics, you’ll understand better why industries of all kinds can benefit from machining PTFE parts, while others apply it as a coating, and product designers select it for a variety of purposes and applications under several environmental conditions. Manufacturers and fabricators can take on bulk quantities of PTFE as granules and powders in variable fineness, with the result being either mixed with another material, like glass, for added strength, or chemical modification for appropriation by any number of industries.

Benefits Of Teflon In Industrial Machinery

Many different types of parts and equipment can be coated with Teflon or fluoropolymer coating. Teflon is widely known for many unique properties that increases overall functionality and can help extend the life of the items it coats. Teflon is specifically useful in machine shops because of the following unique properties:

● Nonstick property: keeps parts and equipment running efficiently
● Nonwetting property: Liquid beads up on surface and makes it easier to clean and maintain
● Temperature stability: Keeps part or piece of equipment from overheating
● Chemical resistance: Can protects parts that might be susceptible to chemical permeation
● Low friction: Low friction point allows for use as a dry lubricant.

There are many other benefits that include dry film lubricants, abrasion resistance, anti-galling and fretting, corrosion resistance, noise reduction, low surface energy, wear resistance, solid film lubricants, and it’s FDA approved.

Teflon Coatings For Industrial Machine Shops

The leading cause of damage in industrial machine parts is corrosion of parts that have not received a proper industrial coating. Since moisture is always present in the air, in some environments more so than others, it is very important to ensure long-term productivity from your industrial machinery by making sure crucial parts have sufficient coatings. The cost of these industrial coating services is minimal compared to the repair and maintenance costs that will be encountered by untreated machinery. As far as applications where robust mechanical bearings and other parts are needed, PTFEs’ closest competitors are nylon and acetyl… and PTFE outperforms both. Machined slide plates, mechanical gears and plain bearings from PTFE can be cost-effective over alternative material parts over a long run.

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