When you’re in need of a Teflon® coating company near you, you’re looking for an application company that won’t perform shoddy work and won’t leave you wondering why you’ve just spent way too much money on something that was so simple. You need a company that will treat you like more than just another customer who’s paying for a service; you need a company that will help you choose the right type of Teflon® coating system, give you a great price for Teflon® application services, and complete any application work quickly – without sacrificing the quality of your Teflon®. You need Coating Solutions, Inc., a Minnesota Teflon® application company in Hugo, MN that’s here to help make sure you have the best Teflon® applicators at your service.

Benefits of Working with Our Teflon® Coating Company

When you’re searching for a Teflon® application company, you might search through the yellow pages or google search for the companies closest to you with the best reviews and best prices. The fact is, most Teflon® coating companies will look just about the same online or on paper because we’ll all advertise our rave reviews and our quality service. But what sets us apart? We provide high-quality Teflon® application services in a very short amount of time, finishing a job between 3 and 5 days. We’ll even complete rush orders in one day! Adding to that, as a family owned and operated business, we know the importance of keeping prices low to make sure we’re looking out for our customers just as they’re looking out for us; that’s why we offer unbeatably fast application services at unbeatable costs!

Teflon Coating Types

There are several Teflon® coating types that our company can apply, and we’ll help you understand the differences between each type of Teflon® coating before you make any decisions or purchases. That way, you know and we know that you’ll be satisfied with the end result. The Teflon® coating types we offer include:

  • Teflon® PTFE: The most temperature-resistant Teflon® coating available, provides the least amount of friction, is nonwetting, and acts as an electrical insulator.
  • Teflon® FEP: Commonly used for mold release coatings, this Teflon® coating forms a non-porous film and are more resistant to chemicals than those made from PFTE.
  • Teflon® PFA: A non-porous and chemical-resistant coating that can resist high temperatures and is resistant to abrasion.
  • Specialty Systems: Incorporate a patented blend of PTFE, PFA and FEP characteristics and comes in three coating options for different uses.
  • : Mainly used in the chemical processing industry because of its protective polymer barrier.
  • Xylan® XLR: Provides molders with a durable coating intended for excellent release, often lasting up to 50 times longer than other release coats.

To find out which Teflon® coating type might be right for your needs, contact Coating Solutions, Inc. in Hugo, MN at 651-762-5700, and let our Minnesota Teflon® application company meet your coating needs for a great price at a great pace!

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