Are you looking for a short run Teflon® coating company to complete a small Teflon® application project? Whether you’re looking for a one-time short run Teflon® application or you’re in need of a long-term Teflon® coating company to partner with for future coating needs, Coating Solutions, Inc. is the answer. At Our Teflon® application company, we make it simple for businesses to complete small run coating jobs without having to pay extra just because it’s a small project. With us, you can count on getting a fair quote for your coating needs, whether you’re investing in a large-scale or small-scale Teflon® application job. Our Hugo, MN Teflon® coaters are here to offer you great prices, quality workmanship, a broad range of Teflon® coating types, and fast-paced service – all things that are important to businesses looking to invest in the best possible Teflon® coating company possible.

Benefits of Working with Our Teflon® Coating Company

One thing you’ll quickly realize about Teflon® coating companies is that we’ll all have virtually the same services; after all, there isn’t too much variety between one coating company and the next, right? Wrong. There are some important differences between our Teflon® application company and others you might look to that make our coating company the best possible partner for your coating needs. At our Minnesota Teflon® coating company, you can look forward to:

• Low-minimum lot charge, which means we won’t upcharge you for a short run Teflon® application job. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about investing in large quantities of Teflon® coating before you’ve seen our quality of work!
• Fast-paced service, finishing projects in 3 to 5 days and completing rush orders in just one day! We realize that fast Teflon® application is a must for many businesses, as shutting down even a part your business can create serious delays, and that’s why we’re just as committed to a fast application process as you are.
• Unbeatable prices for high-quality Teflon® applications – need we say more?
• Several types of Teflon® coating available for different uses, including Teflon® PTFE, FEP and PFA; Specialty Systems; ; and Xylan® XLR
• We want our relationship with you to last, so when we promise to deliver high-quality work at a great price, even on short run jobs, we follow through every time, ensuring that you’re treated as a partner.
Fast, Affordable Short Run Teflon® Applications MN

Choosing the right short run Teflon® coating company – whether you’re looking for a one-time coating project or a new partner for all of your coating needs – can be a challenge. At Coating Solutions, Inc., we want to make the process of finding a reliable, fast, and affordable short run Teflon® application company in Minnesota simple. To get an estimate for a short run Teflon® coating application, to find out more about our Teflon® coating types, or to learn more about our dedication to our customers, contact our Hugo, MN Teflon® coaters today at 651-762-5700.

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