Selecting The Right Fluoropolymer For Your ApplicationThere are dozens of different fluoropolymer options available on the market. Each one has its own performance, thickness, and application properties. Coating Solutions’ fluoropolymer coating experts have years of experience that allows them to know intuitively what to do. Fluoropolymer selection can be a “process of elimination” that is often necessary.

What is the function you would like it to perform? Most of the time, a customer will ask a fluoropolymer to perform a single primary function. Most common are the following: non-stick, low friction coefficient, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. The end-use for the product is another functional consideration. Will it pass FDA standards for food, medical device consistency requirements, or legal regulations regarding degradation?

How harsh is the environment in which it will be performing? Fluoropolymers can be used for a wide range of applications, including those that are extremely sterile or harsh (oil platforms). Many classes of fluoropolymer can be eliminated from consideration due to high temperature coatings. Each formula has its melting point and temperature range specifications. There are also natural tradeoffs. A coating which is not as resistant to heat, for example, will be less durable.

Does this part have sharp internal corners or an unusual shape? Fluoropolymers are a mixture of chemicals that vary depending on the product, primer coats, and formula used. The range of film thickness is one of the most significant variations. You’ll need to find another option if this thickness does not work with your curve, bend, or groove.

Do you know the costs associated with each alternative? After considering the total cost, a coating with similar qualities at a similar price could end up costing you much more. A cheaper option may require a thicker application of film and only cover half the area. This option will cost much more in total.

Ask an Expert for Advice: Fluoropolymer coated surfaces offer many advantages. Coating Solutions is the only company who can do it better. Coating Solutions offers the best Teflon™ and Fluoropolymer Coatings available today. For more information about our services and the benefits of Teflon and fluoropolymer coatings, give a call today at (888) 390-8033 or email

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