PTFE Commercial Bakeware Coatings

Chemours® Teflon® PTFE Commercial Bakeware CoatingsIf you work in the food processing business, you know how important non-stick cookware can be to the success and profit of your business. Non-stick cookware significantly decreases the time it takes to clean your equipment and can help keep production moving and efficient day after day.  Coating Solutions is a family owned business that offers high quality Chemours® Teflon® and fluoropolymer industrial coatings. We specialize in offering these Teflon coatings to the food industry.

Benefits of Teflon® PTFE Coatings

Teflon® PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coatings are ideal for the commercial food industry because they can withstand the highest temperature of any fluoropolymer coating. Equipment coated with PFTE can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees and cures at 750 degrees. This coating also has an extremely low coefficient of friction which means that the non-stick properties are also strong.  PFTE coatings are available in a single coat or a two-coat application. This coating is safe for direct food contact, so you can use it on any bakeware or cookware.

Teflon® Coatings for Food Processing

Teflon® PTFE coatings are ideal for commercial bakeware like waffle irons, bread pans, mixers, beaters, dough rollers, hoppers and blades. Without this coating, sugar and flour can become very sticky and clog up your machines.  Teflon® PTFE non-stick coatings keep your commercial bakeware and other equipment clean and working properly so that you can focus on serving your customers in the most efficient way possible. In addition, adding this coating will extend the life of your bakeware, saving your business money when it comes to replacing parts and equipment.

Industrial Coating Leader

Coating Solutions guarantees that each and every piece of equipment that we coat will meet high quality standards.  We work hard to meet the unique needs of our customers. If you have questions about the type of Chemours® Teflon® and fluoropolymer industrial coating that will work best for your equipment and if you are in the commercial food industry, you can be confident that Coating Solutions can meet your needs.

We set ourselves apart from the competition by offering first rate customer service and extremely fast turnaround time.  We answer our phones and answer our customers’ questions. We also understand that being out of production is difficult for your bottom line – so we offer turnaround in 3-5 days, so that you can get back to production fast.  Finally, you will find that we offer fair prices and we have the lowest minimum lot charge in the industry. So, if you are in the food industry and need commercial bakeware coatings, call our team at Coating Solutions today at 651-762-5700.

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