PFA Industrial Coating Applications

PFA Industrial Coating ApplicationsTeflon™ perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) industrial coatings melt and flow during baking to provide nonporous films. These multi-coat systems provide higher continuous use temperatures (500°F), have a high dielectric strength, and are considered tougher than PTFE or FEP. Because of their chemical resistance properties, Teflon™ PFA industrial coatings can be used on pumps, tanks, valves, and vessels used in the chemical processing industry. These coatings also provide nonstick properties suitable for industrial bakeware applications.

Benefits Of Using PFA Coatings

PFA coatings offer a variety of benefits: chemical resistance, electrical current resistance, non-stick properties, high release capabilities, high corrosion protection, high-temp coating, high-use applications on common substrates, uniformly coats complex shapes, and the film coats thin or thick.

One reason PFA coating systems are so versatile is that they can be applied in the widest range of thicknesses for fluoropolymers. PFAs are thermoplastics with the performance of PTFE, which means they can uniformly coat complex shapes with thin or thick films. The thickness that you apply PFA coatings depends on the substrate, the coating chemistry, and the primary coating properties you wish to achieve. Like most fluoropolymers, PFA coatings have high release capabilities and high corrosion protection for common consumer and industrial applications. PFA coatings are also used frequently for chemical resistance and electrical current resistance. PFAs are high-temp coatings that usually bake at over 650°F for a very pure and durable coating for high-use applications on common substrates such as aluminum, steel, and steel alloys.

PFA Coating Thickness Options

The range of thickness of the final coating, as always, is first determined by the limits of the chemistry of the coating you choose. However, PFA coatings can range 3-40mil maximum DFT (dry film thickness). This flexibility lets you choose the best option for your rank of the desirable properties such as abrasion resistance, smoothness, and permeation resistance.

It’s natural to assume that making the coating thicker will automatically make the coating more abrasion resistant. However, that’s not always the case. A coating’s abrasion resistance properties are more dependent on the chemistry of the coating or on a specific additive in the coating. The range of optimum thickness is always specified by the coating manufacturer, usually on a data sheet.

Choosing The Right Coating For Your Product

There are many factors to consider with PFAs, therefore speaking with a high-temp coatings expert is invaluable. Coating Solutions has many experts on hand, who have decades of experience. Need help selecting the right product for your job? For more information about our services and the benefits of Teflon™ and fluoropolymer coatings, give a call today at (651) 762-5700 or email

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