Food Grade Non-Stick Coating

Food Grade Non-Stick CoatingAt Coating Solutions, Inc. we are proud to offer our coating services to our food industry partners. If you have been searching for a food grade non-stick coating option, we have got you covered. For over 20 years, our team of professionals at Coating Solutions, Inc. has been providing quality, non-stick coatings for the food industry and beyond. Whether you are looking for a coating for your own machinery or are needing a product you make coated in bulk, Coating Solutions, Inc. has you covered.

Why Non-stick?

The value of a non-stick coating service that is food grade quality is irreplaceable. If you happen to be in the commercial food processing industry, the need for a quality non- stick coating on any of your hoppers, rollers and mixers is extremely evident. If you want your product to hold quality and your machinery to hold longevity, a food grade non-stick coating is 100% necessary. Food grade non-stick coatings are also extremely helpful in other industries. Paper, aerospace, automotive, etc. The nonstick property of our quality coatings are something you should never have to settle with.

How is it Non-stick?

At Coating Solutions, Inc., every job we do is fast, efficient and methodical. When you are searching for a food grade non-stick coating, we will focus in on exactly the type you need. Many of our fluoropolymers offer food grade non-stick properties that provide many benefits. How is this possible in a simple coating? In order to avoid a sticky mess, especially true in the food industry, some type of lubricant is necessary. A wet lubricant can get in your product and alter the intended results. It also can create mold and other hazardous conditions that would not be safe. Our food grade non-stick coating is thought of as a dry lubricant. It keeps machinery running continuously without fault, moisture or stickiness.

At Coating Solutions, Inc., we take our food grade non-stick coatings to a whole new level. Our company prides itself in offering features unique to this market that other companies just cannot achieve. We provide the fastest turnaround time in the country and we offer the lowest minimum lot charge in the industry. All of our coatings are made to perfection and backed by our quality, first-rate customer service. For more information about Coating Solutions, Inc. and our quality food grade coating services, give us a call today toll free at (651) 762-5700 or send us an email at

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