Fluoropolymer Metal Coating In Hugo Minnesota

Fluoropolymer Metal Coating In Hugo MinnesotaFluoropolymers have been called a “super paint” because of its durable quality and versatility amongst applications. Fluoropolymers are ideal for many industrial applications due to these qualities and more. Coating Solutions in Hugo, Minnesota provides several types for fluoropolymer coatings to extend the life of and reduce wear and tear on your industrial parts.

A fluoropolymer is a polymer with multiple carbon-fluorine bonds. Some of its key characteristics include high resistance to acids, solvents, and bases. Perhaps the most used fluoropolymer is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly known as Teflon™.

Types Of Fluoropolymers

There are many types of fluoropolymers that are widely available and used for very specific purposes in a variety of industries. They can be designed to meet specifications such as functionality and application specs. Polymers can be applied as a clear coating or tinted to apply colors such as black, gray, or green.

PTFE (more commonly known as Teflon™): has the highest temperature resistance (550oF) of the coating types, as well as the lowest coefficient of friction. This application is non-reactive to most chemicals.
FEP: One of the highest non-stick coatings available, but with a lower temperature resistance (392oF). It is a melt-processable form of PTFE.
PFA: A melt-processable form of PTFE that is highly chemical-resistant. Superior to PTFE in terms of malleability/flexibility but is slightly less resistant to heat (500oF).
ETFE: Able to be FDA-approved is one of the most durable coating applications available and is widely used in the energy production industry.

Direct Benefits Of Fluoropolymers

Some of the top characteristics of fluoropolymers include non-stick qualities, universal chemical-capability, chemical-resistance, excellent thermal-resistance, weatherability, their effectiveness in insulating electricity, and that they do not contain additives.

Where Are Fluoropolymers Most Often Used?

Because of the versatility of fluoropolymers, their use can be found across a wide range of industrial applications. Some of the more common applications include:

Food Industry: Fluoropolymers are used in the food processing industry due to its non-stick capability, preventing sticking and making trays and molds easier to clean.
Automotive Industry: Fluoropolymers can help prevent friction and corrosion, making it a prime choice for ball bearings and gears, both of which experience wear-and-tear.
Electrical production: Fluoropolymers can help protect the wire and help to reduce the risk of fire.
Industrial manufacturing: Fluoropolymers are found in many aspects of manufacturing, especially on machine components, such as components, bearings, fasteners, etc.

Fluoropolymer Coating Application Specialists In Minnesota

The applications for fluoropolymers are great, and possibilities are nearly endless. To discuss how the application of fluoropolymers can benefit your business, contact the application specialists at Coating Solutions at (651) 762-5700 today.

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