Fluoropolymer Metal Coating In Hugo MinnesotaThe durability and versatility of Fluoropolymers has led to its being called a “super-paint”. Fluoropolymers have many advantages for industrial applications. Coating Solutions, located in Hugo Minnesota, offers several types of fluoropolymers to reduce wear on industrial parts and extend their life.

A fluoropolymer has multiple carbon-fluorine bonds. Its key properties include its high resistance to acid, solvents, and bases. Perhaps the most used fluoropolymer is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), commonly known as Teflon™.

Fluoropolymer Coating Types

Fluoropolymers are available in many different types and are used in various industries for specific purposes. They can be tailored to specific requirements, such as application and functionality. They can be tinted or applied in a clear coat to give colors like black, gray or green.

● Teflon™: Has the lowest coefficients of friction and the highest temperature resistance of all coating types (550oF). This application is nonreactive with most chemicals.
● FEP is one of the best non-stick surfaces available. However, it has a lower resistance to temperature (392oF). It is a form of PTFE that can be melted.
● PFA is a melt-processable version of PTFE with high chemical resistance. Superior to PTFE in terms of malleability/flexibility but is slightly less resistant to heat (500oF).
● ETFE: One of the most durable and widely used coatings in the energy industry.

Benefits Of Fluoropolymer Coatings

Fluoropolymers have many top qualities including non-stick, chemical resistance, thermal resistance, weatherability, ability to insulate electricity and the fact that they don’t contain any additives.

Where are fluoropolymers most used?

Fluoropolymers are used in a variety of industrial applications due to their versatility. Some of the most common applications are:

Food Industry: Fluoropolymers, which are non-sticking and make trays and molds easier to clean, are used by the food industry.
Automotive Industry: Fluoropolymers are a great choice for gears and ball bearings that experience wear and tear.
Electric production: Fluoropolymers are a good way to protect wires and reduce fire risk.
Manufacturing: Fluoropolymers can be found in many manufacturing aspects, including machine components such as bearings, fasteners, and components.

Fluoropolymer Coating Application Specialists In Minnesota

Fluoropolymers have a wide range of applications, and the possibilities are endless. Contact Coating Solutions today at (651) 752-5700 to discuss how fluoropolymers could benefit your business.

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