Fluoropolymer coatings are a dime a dozen. So many different people offer coatings these days. So what makes us at Coating Solutions, Inc., any different? Our customers will easily tell you, the difference is in the quality. Fluoropolymer coatings are very tricky and must be done carefully in order to produce a good quality coat. This is why businesses all around the United States have been trusting our company with their fluoropolymer coating needs since 1995. Want the inside scoop? Here’s how it’s done at Coating Solutions, Inc.:

1. Prebake Substrate: This is a component that is sometimes skipped with companies trying to scheme money out of you. This is because this process takes patience. When you prebake the substrate, you are removing the oils so that the coating will actually stick properly to the product. Otherwise, the coating will not adhere to the product.
2. Grit Blasting: No, we aren’t talking about the southern grits your momma throws in with shrimp. Grit blasting is the process of preparing the substrate for coating again. We blast the substrate with aluminum oxide which removes the scales, corrosion, rust, and anything else that may be on the substrate. Much like sanding wood, the grit blasting process roughens up the surface and makes it larger so that the coatings will have more room to adhere.
3. Spray on Fluoropolymer: Here we go, the prep is done! Now that our substrate is prepared it is time to apply! We will spray on the fluoropolymer manually so that we are 100% guaranteed to get the perfect coat every time.
4. Cure Substrate: Companies with less integrity will stop at this point but we at Coating Solutions, Inc., will keep right on going. We will cure each substrate based on the needs of the coat. Sometimes our curing temperatures will reach as high as 800 degrees!
5. Quality Control: We aren’t done yet. At Coating Solutions, Inc., we want to make sure we deliver the perfectly coated product to you every time. Everything is inspected for defects so that we know you’ll get a happy and satisfying result every time.
6. Packaging and Shipping: We serve all different types of industries throughout the nation. Just because our process is intricate, it does not mean we take more time to do it! We offer low minimum lot fees, and we have a fast turnaround time, typically about 3-5 days. We even offer a 24 hour rush service for those needing their products in a pinch.

At Coating Solutions, Inc., our products and our processes are top notch. Who would have thought that our customer service is even better? For more more information about fluoropolymer coatings, give Coating Solutions, Inc., a call today at (651) 762-5700 or send us an email at sales@coatingsolutions.com.[/fusion_text]

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