Fast Turnaround Solutions For Coating Applications Around Hugo MN

Fast Turnaround Solutions For Coating Applications Around Hugo MNWhen selecting an industrial fluoropolymer coating provider, there are several options to choose from. Companies that utilize high quality sealants and adhere to industry guidelines will likely offer you a great product in the end. Ultimately though, your final decision on which coating company you select should be based on several deciding factors.

It is no secret that industrial plants, like yours, are facing tight profit margins post-pandemic. From employee shortages and wage fights to shipping and logistical difficulties, you cannot afford for any part of your plant to shut down operations due to part malfunction. A fast turnaround time on coating application and low minimum lots become essential components for successful operations in the post-pandemic world.

At Coating Solutions, we understand the urgency of getting your application finished quickly so your plant operations can get back up and running quickly! We promise to do everything possible to expedite the process so you can get back in business as soon as possible!

Rapid turnaround with high quality: At Coating Solutions, it is critical that turnaround time does not compromise the quality of an application. Workmanship should remain visible from start to finish. By developing efficient and effective standard practices in coating application, they guarantee 100 percent satisfaction with rapid turnaround times – many jobs taking as little as two days and small lots in just a single day!

Minimum lot requirements: Many applicator companies will only perform services for you if you can guarantee a certain quantity (in some cases, up to tens of thousands). At Coating Solutions, however, our team is dedicated to working with customers even with smaller orders. We guarantee competitive rates and the lowest minimum lot requirements in the area.

At Coating Solutions in Hugo, MN, we specialize in the application of industrial coatings. We’ll collaborate with you to determine the most appropriate application for your parts/products based on their usage. As a certified woman-owned family business that has been running since 1995 with an eye towards your success, we are your local Teflon™ experts!

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