Coating Applications With Teflon-S

Coating Applications With Teflon-SChemours’ Teflon™ S is a one coat system that is available in liquid and powder form and is unique, because it is made from a blend of fluoropolymers and high-performance resins. A main feature of this coating is its ability to cure at lower temperatures, making it ideal for automotive, lawn and garden, hardware, and food packaging industry applications. The coating specialists at Coating Solutions in Hugo, MN are experienced applicators of Teflon-S and standby, ready to help you get your next coating application project completed.

420-G product line: The 420-G Teflon™ product line offers outstanding bond, strength, heat resistance and nonstick properties which makes it an excellent choice in high heat (up to 500oF) or rough environments where dry lubrication is necessary. FDA approved and having non-stick properties, it becomes a good choice in food processing.

959-G product line: Similar to the 420-G in benefits, the 959-G coatings are best for products that endure medium heat (up to 425oF) and medium abrasion. This is the only single-coat product line that is not suggested for food contact.

857-G product line: A water-based low volatile organic compound solution for caustic environments, particularly as a rust inhibitor for stainless steel and aluminum.

954-G product line: Designed for comparatively low temp curing (curing at 325-500oF), this aqueous application is best suited for products that cannot withstand high temperatures. Best in environments with low abrasion and relatively low operating temperatures (up to 300oF), and in environments where chemical-resistance and corrosion resistance are required.

958-G product line: The low cure temperature of 958-G Teflon™ product line makes it a flexible coating application for a variety of items, as it provides a robust film for dry lubrication with protection against corrosion.

During the baking process, properties such as low coefficient of friction and non-stick characteristics are maintained. Due to this fact and the level of resistance to corrosion, Teflon™ S is most often used on gasoline fill tubes, fasteners, and fuel injectors in the automotive industry, saw blades, garden tools, fan blades and housings, and sprinkler ball valves in the industrial sector, boat propellers in the marine industry, as well as food packaging equipment and conveyor lines in the food packaging industry.

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