Benefits Of Coating Applications With PTFE

Benefits Of Coating Applications With PTFETeflon™ is a PTFE coating that has excellent non-stick/release characteristics. This means commercial bakeware can be easily cleaned and have excellent nonstick/release properties. We have designed a variety of PTFE systems that are suitable for most applications. The coating’s function and operating conditions will determine the best coating.

Nonstick and Release: The PTFE coating will provide excellent non-stick/release characteristics and is easy to clean. This coating also prevents both hot and cool products from sticking permanently to the substrate. It is therefore widely used in bakeries, cookware, confectionery and food processing industries. Non-stick PTFE coatings can also be used in packaging, heat sealing and molding, as well as the automotive, aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries.

Non-wetting: Surfaces made of PTFE are hydrophobic, oleophobic, and do not easily wet. The material can self-clean. This property is crucial for the semiconductor industry as it allows chemical media to be collected and run off.

Temperature resistance: The coatings are able to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh application conditions. They are stable at temperatures as high as +554degF for short periods of time. Other treatments can cause degradation or clogging. PTFE is ideal for sealing plastic/elastomers and extrusion dies. These coatings are also stable at temperatures as low as -454degF and can perform at cryogenic temperature.

Low friction, low abrasion and resistance: Surfaces coated with PTFE reduce friction. They can achieve coefficients of friction as low as 0.04 to 0.15. When oils and grease are vaporized at high temperatures, PTFE is left behind. This makes it ideal for shafts. This type of coating is reinforced by adding fillers or combining it with a metal-sprayed base to increase wear resistance.

Chemical and corrosion resistance: The PTFE coating is resistant to most chemicals. When combined with other fluoropolymers like FEP or PFA, the component’s life expectancy can be greatly increased. Surface coatings of PTFE can increase corrosion resistance. This is enhanced by using primers and other pre-treatments like plating and phosphating. These coatings are beneficial for stud bolts and fasteners as well as valves, pumps and pipe clamps.

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