Applications With Abrasion-Resistant Coatings

Abrasion-Resistant Coatings And Their ApplicationsMetal abrasion can be expected from friction, grinding and other wear effects caused by regular machine use. Coating Solutions provides high-quality Chemours® Teflon™, fluoropolymer industrial coats to industries across America for the ideal combination of friction resistance and abrasion resistance in your industrial coating.

Light metals are essential in many industries, such as transport and aerospace, due to their less hardiness. There are various solutions that can be employed to make production cost-efficient while still achieving the proper thickness, chemical composition, application method and thickness required.

Advantages Of Abrasion-Resistant Coatings

PTFE coated surfaces reduce friction, typically between 0.04 to 0.15 coefficient of friction. At higher temperatures where oils and grease evaporate, PTFE remains intact – making it ideal for shafts, bearing surfaces, moving mechanisms, stud bolts and fasteners. For increased abrasion resistance and longer wear life this type of coating can be reinforced by adding fillers or using a metal sprayed base layer as well.

Conditions for Water-Resistant Ceramic Coatings: Many people mistakenly assume that light materials aren’t durable enough to withstand deformation. When selecting the ideal wear coating, we consider these features:

Friction: Friction reduces energy transfer between sliding surfaces, which can damage a newly coated body. Preparing it to withstand forces even with wear-resistant coatings make it more resilient in the event of impact.
Load Capacity: This depends on the coating thickness. To withstand heavier loads and prevent fractures, we use thick coatings.

Hard Anodizing these surfaces offers extreme wear resistance, making them ideal for creating rigid options. Nitriding is an attractive hardening method that is both slim and strong. Unfortunately, its high wear rate makes it unsuitable for flexible lightweight materials; depending on the material’s difficulty level, other techniques may be preferable. Plasma Electronic Oxide – PEO utilizes a three-step performance process for enhanced crystallization and increased corrosion resistance. Electroless Nickel (EN) coating is a widely used coating method, offering excellent results. We prepare the surface so it’s clean and long-lasting for optimal adhesion.

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